Find a Nova Network Partner

Find and engage a trusted and certified Nova Network Partner for your next project. The Network assists organisations who are already acQuire customers but need help from a skilled technologist to complement their team.  

Our consultant base is continuing to grow, giving you access to an expanded network of expertise and service spectrum, across our software products. Nova Network Partners can deliver geoscientific information management services in all stages of project development and maintenance, across domains and industries. 

Find a Nova Network Partner near you:

Advanced DataCare Pty Ltd

Advanced DataCare Pty Ltd provides information management consulting services for clients in the resources industry.

AK GeoScience

Independent GIM consultant and acQuire Nova Network Partner with the highest level of accreditation.

Alias Database Services

Alias Database Services is a geoscientific database consulting company providing expert technical advice and specialist services to mineral exploration and mining companies.

Appnew SpA

Appnew provides efficient solutions for the mining industry.


eBooting is a company with vast experience in the mining sector and a strong technical and commercial background. Their goal is to become a leader in digitalising processes for small, medium and large mining companies. eBooting aims to support the execution of projects in different stages of the mining process.

ERM (Previously CSA Global)

ERM (Previously) CSA Global is a consulting service provider in the global minerals industry, specialising in geological and mining expertise.

gDat Applied Solutions

gDat provides data management services to the mineral exploration and mining industries, using the acQuire GIM Suite.

Geodex Consultants Ltd

Geodex Consultants has been providing affordable, simple and efficient data management services to the mining and exploration industry for over a decade.

Geoscience Analytics Limited

Geoscience Analytics Limited provides optimised workflow-based solutions utilising GIM Suite and Power BI Dashboards.


Geovalidata aims to maixmise value for organisations operating in the natural resources sector by offering professional geoscientific data management support.

Hoffmann Geoscience LLC

Hoffmann Geoscience LLC provides scientifically-sound geologic insight, data analysis and data management to support organisations.

KamLak Inc.

At Kamlak, we focus on improving business performance by developing and delivering solutions to complex business problems. We aim to optimize your workflows, systems, and people to transform your data asset to insights that will help you make impactful decisions.


MapIT has been providing GIS and data management services to industry for over two decades. They have successfully delivered services using GIM Suite since 2014.

Matrix Data

Matrix Data is a data and analytics consultancy for the resources sector that specialises in geoscience information management.

MYTech Advisory

With a robust foundation in the mining sector and a wealth of technical and commercial expertise, MYTech Advisory is at the forefront of delivering tailored solutions to meet your project needs.

PrimeEarth Geoscience

PrimeEarth Geoscience specialises in the management, automation and integration of geoscientific data across the mineral exploration and mining industry.


PROCIGNO has certified professionals with proven experience in software development for all types of companies.

Sample Data

Sample Data is a geological data service provider based in Perth, Western Australia. We provide dynamic solutions, based on client specific needs.

Snowden Optiro

At Snowden Optiro, they believe that every mining project, operation and investment has latent value waiting to be unlocked with the right thinking, the right processes and the right systems.

SRA Information Technology

SRA Information Technology is a 30-year-old Australian company, with a focus on the provisioning of digital solutions for environment, social, and community benefit.


Babongile Mqwathi is an autonomous acQuire Nova Network Partner with over 6 years’ experience working with the acQuire GIM Suite.

Tiger Geo Services

Tiger Geo Services is a privately owned company providing efficient and affordable data management services to the mineral exploration and mining industry.

wHole Solutions

What’s in a name?  wHole Solutions is about “hole” solutions (drill holes) as well as “whole” solutions (fitting into the entire business system).

YardaSoft Ltd.

YardaSoft Ltd. is a privately held company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, that provides consulting services for clients in the mineral exploration and mining industries.

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