Nova Network: Partnering for better geoscientific data management

The Nova Network supports the natural resources industry by ensuring a high standard of data management services are available globally. The program gives acQuire customers access to a qualified talent pool of geoscientific data management experts.

Independent mining consultants and consulting companies partner with acQuire to provide professional data management services to a wider spectrum of clients.

How the Nova Network fits in your business

Optimise your GIM Solution by engaging a trusted Nova Network Partner who can deliver professional data management services in all stages of project development and maintenance. A diverse consulting base means you can access an expanded expertise and service spectrum.

Nova Network Partners provide pre- and post-implementation data management services for GIM Suite technology you are planning to install or already have installed. You can engage them for project-specific work or in an on-going basis to supplement your current team.

Search for a Nova Network Partner near you

Accredited Partners you can trust

Each Nova Network Partner has been thoroughly vetted by acQuire to offer accredited data management services around the world, ensuring you continue to get the most out of your GIM Suite investment.

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