Nova Network: Partnering for better geoscientific data management

The Nova Network supports the natural resources community by ensuring a high standard of data management is available to companies of every size. The program is designed to benefit all parties.

Companies without a geoscience data management solution have access to GIM Suite through a Nova Network Partner.
Customers of GIM Suite have access to a qualified talent pool of geoscientific data management experts.
Independent mining consultants and consulting companies partner with acQuire to provide professional data management services to a wider spectrum of clients.
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If you need geoscience data management

If you don’t have GIM Suite or any software in place to manage your geoscience data, you can use the Nova Network. Our GIM Suite Provider service offers you access to our GIM Suite technology in an online environment when working with a Nova Network Partner.

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For GIM Suite customers

The GIM Keeper program is made up of Nova Network Partners who provide pre- and post-implementation data management services for GIM Suite technology you already have installed. You can engage them for project-specific work or in an on-going basis to supplement your current team.

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For mining industry consultants and consulting companies

Hop over to our Become a Nova Network Partner page to find useful information about the program and how to join.

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