Geological data management software

GIM Suite is the leading geological data management software used by the largest miners in the world. It enables a smarter, streamlined way to capture, manage and deliver geoscientific observations and measurements for a range of commodities and a variety of domains.

Your single source of geological data

With a seamless integration across desktop, web and mobile, GIM Suite enables the capture, management and delivery of geoscientific observations and measurements in any environment. The powerful data management capabilities in GIM Suite improve confidence in decision-making across the mining value chain because you are always working from a single source of truth for one of your most important assets – your geological data.

Making complex data simple

Miners are collecting and using more data than ever before. Smart mining techniques and practices give companies access to more complex deposits. Your geological data is part of a wider mining ecosystem and, when properly integrated, can inform optimisations elsewhere. A single, trusted version of your data can be safely accessed across teams, with everyone in your organisation working with the same information.

Configured for (your) independence

Every resources company has their own way of using data to locate resources – and that’s where things get complicated. GIM Suite provides a standardised architecture to ensure your data is the single source of truth for your organisation. It also gives you tools to configure your workflows to your company’s specific needs. GIM Suite can be scaled without custom-coded development, regardless of the size of your mining operation.

Trusting your data

Your original geological observations and measurements are worth nothing if you can’t be assured of the quality and the integrity of your data. With GIM Suite you can apply validation rules from the point of capture to ensure no corrupt or incorrect data gets stored, regardless of where the data is collected, who does it, or whether you’re working remotely in the field. GIM Suite ensures the quality of your geological data from capture at the first drillhole or sample, through the life of the mine and even after decommissioning.


Compliance made (much) easier

GIM Suite alleviates compliance and data integrity concerns by providing a single source of truth for all your geological data. Data stored in the GIM Suite is auditable, a key attribute for governance. Staff from across your business — from database managers to geology managers — can trust it for reporting, critical decision-making, governance and compliance reporting requirements.


Data capture wherever you need it

A seamless integration across desktop, web and mobile gives you complete control over your data from the point of capture through to batch sample submission to the laboratory. GIM Suite’s Arena mobile app is designed to work without an internet connection, giving you true independence while maintaining all the data management rigour that makes GIM Suite so reliable.


Geoscientific information expertly managed

GIM Suite is used in the office or in the field to manage a range of geoscientific information, including:

  • Drillhole collar data
  • Surface sampling data
  • Coal quality data
  • Geological data
  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological monitoring observations
  • Down hole geophysics
  • Sampling information and results
  • Drilling contract information

Partnering for success

Interoperability and connectivity remain a strategic focal point for GIM Suite. Being able to transfer your geological data quickly and easily between systems is critical. GIM Suite has been developed with connectivity in mind so your data can flow between third-party systems while minimising the loss of important metadata.

Globally supported

From the time of implementation, you become part of our incredibly active customer community and are guided through our support network, forums and user conferences. A mature support network provides pre-sales and post-sales support across the globe.

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