Smart ways to know your data

Accelerate your skills and knowledge for the best work outcomes with your acQuire solution. Our learning courses are designed to put you in charge of how you want to improve your technical skills.

acQuire’s learning pathways are created to help you progress your product skillset, depending on the level of expertise required in your role and the acQuire software you are using.

Master basic concepts with starter courses, then progress your skills further in our higher-level courses designed for managing more complex scenarios. Learning courses that include assessments, lead to product certifications recognised worldwide.




Learning, your style

To complement your busy schedule and individual learning styles, we offer structured courses with a mix of learning platforms and delivery techniques, including:

  • Face-to-face classes
  • Online learning
  • Virtual classrooms

Whether you are a geoscience professional, an employer or an acQuire Nova Network Partner, there are many career and business benefits for achieving and maintaining the certifications we offer.

Ready to reach your goals? Find out more about our software-specific learning courses.


GIM Suite Learning

Improve your GIM Suite skills with learning pathways specifically designed for geoscience professionals working with geological information.


EnviroSys Learning

Improve your EnviroSys skills with training courses specifically designed for environmental professionals working with environmental data.

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