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How the Nova Network Partnership works

The Nova Network is a collaboration between acQuire and consultants to provide geoscientific data management services, using our industry-leading software products. We help consultants and consulting companies gain a competitive advantage and deliver high-quality data management services to global natural resources companies.  

We want to help our customers get the right talent for their geological or environmental data management projects. The Nova Network is our way of ensuring this happens and helps accredited consultants grow their business. 

Accredited by acQuire

Being part of the Network means our customers know you can deliver high-quality data management services. The Nova Network has stringent accreditation requirements for technologists within a member organisation. This certification allows consultants to offer accredited data management services to global companies working with the earth’s natural resources. These services can be delivered to organisations who have implemented acQuire’s software, such as GIM Suite or EnviroSys, or are preparing for implementation.  

Service companies using acQuire’s software

Nova Network Partners can deliver services to organisations who have a GIM Suite or EnviroSys implementation or are in the process of implementing the technology. 

Download our brochure (English / Spanish) for more information about joining the Nova Network.

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If you would like to provide data management services using acQuire’s software solutions, contact the Nova Network for a confidential discussion about the prerequisites for joining the program. 

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