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29 Jan 2024 - Technology - GIM Suite

Are you configuring GIM Suite for your field data capture needs?

In today’s digital age, mining companies have largely transitioned to logging their field data digitally, leveraging data capture solutions that offer data validation and automation, in lieu of manual methods. 

However, as their operations scale, disparate data capture solutions have led geologists to grapple with data validation constraints, difficulties importing and capturing data into a data management solution, version control headaches and audit trail deficiencies.   

acQuire’s geoscientific information management solution, GIM Suite, has been a reliable choice for capturing and validating field data, with its sophisticated sampling and logging capabilities. However, with the latest enhancement of the web and mobile functionality in GIM Suite 5, acQuire has taken this legacy a step further by offering a lightweight yet powerful mobile application. Let’s dive into some features that can supercharge your field data capture methods: 

Synchronisation made easy 

Geologists can now synchronise their data between the offline workspace and the database with ease.  

Designed to work entirely offline, GIM Suite’s web and mobile applications now offer the ability to transfer data to and from the server with no tedious manual file handling process. Not only does this reduce the time needed for geologists to synchronise their data back online, but data quality and governance is improved as there is no manual handling or manipulation of captured data or files. GIM Suite 5 now seamlessly integrates across desktop, web and mobile platforms. 

Business rules preconfigured to your company needs 

Data validation is paramount, and GIM Suite 5’s web and mobile applications make it easier than ever.
Business rules and validations are configured centrally and applied seamlessly at the point of capture using GIM Suite online or offline. This improves data quality, ensuring that any issues are immediately addressed, and data is validated by the geologist at the point of capture rather than after-the-fact by the database administrator who may not be able to determine what the correct values should have been. 

This ensures erroneous data is identified and corrected in real-time, regardless of the location or the person capturing the data. 

Tailor your graphical logging interface 

GIM Suite 5 introduces a graphical logging interface that transforms data capture into an intuitive and visual experience, designed to support the way geologists think when logging. Real-time visual feedback during geological observations and sample interval logging allows geologists to inspect and adjust intervals effortlessly.  

The drag-and-drop functionality enhances the user experience while improving logging quality and consistency, especially in dynamic environments like core sheds. Geologists can also choose to operate the drag-and-drop functionality using a touchscreen.  

This gives the user an efficient interactive logging experience with visual feedback and validation while logging. Logging quality is improved because users can visually inspect and dynamically adjust their intervals as they’re logging. 

Different devices? We’ve got you covered. 

Flexibility is key, and GIM Suite 5 delivers by supporting Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. This flexibility ensures a seamless and consistent data capture experience across different devices, including smartphones and tablets, allowing geologists to choose the platform that best suits their field requirements. 

Are you ready to elevate your field data capture experience? 

For more than 25 years, acQuire’s GIM Suite has been at the forefront, helping mining companies seamlessly manage their entire geological field data collection workflow, while evolving to meet the changing needs of the market and technological advancements.  

The latest web and mobile functionality in GIM Suite 5 empowers mining companies to seamlessly manage their geological field data collection workflow and instil confidence in decision-making, backed by reliable data. 

Read more about working with mobile data tasks here. 

If you would like to find out how to move your data capture workflow to GIM Suite’s web and mobile, reach out to our team. 

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