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ERM (Previously CSA Global) is a consulting service provider in the global minerals industry, specialising in geological and mining expertise. With a track record of over 35 years,ERM offers technical services, training, and guidance to public and private mining companies, governments, industry associations, as well as financial and legal entities on a global scale.

Our extensive team of specialists, including geologists, engineers, mining consultants, data scientists and technology experts, are some of the most experienced and sought-after individuals in the industry. Collectively, we have delivered more than 7500 projects in the corporate, mining, resources, geoscience and geometallurgy and data mining services.

Our teams are committed to maximising the potential for our client’s projects through excellence, innovation, and collaboration. We offer trusted technical and expert services to manage projects worldwide from our offices in Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom and are supported through the ERM group of companies, a renowned global provider of sustainability advisory services encompassing environmental, health, safety, risk, and social consulting.


Maeve Murphy - GIM Suite Professional

North America

Maeve Murphy has been active in both the Mining and Exploration Industries for over twenty years, in various aspects of geological computing. She was exposed to the acQuire GIM Suite in its early days in Zambia in 2000 and has seen many changes to the solution since then. She has worked in various capacities for large corporations and consulting companies and spent some time as an independent consultant. She thrives on solving problems and helping users reach a point where they can maximise the use of their data investment.

While working independently, Maeve provided a service to a gold mine in Northern Ontario, providing end-user support on site and remote assistance to the DBAs.

In recent years, Maeve was involved with the collection and storage of Rock Engineering data in GIM Suite which allowed the integration of field data and office applications along with geology and assay data. Much time was spent enhancing the data collection with the goal of minimising errors at the point of data collection.

Much of what Maeve knows comes from the many years working on various projects in different settings and commodities and is excited to be a Nova Partner.

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