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eBooting is a company with vast experience in the mining sector and a strong technical and commercial background. Their goal is to become a leader in digitalizing processes for small, medium and large mining companies, as well as to support the execution of projects in different stages of exploration.

eBooting is made up of a highly certified team, trained to integrate, digitalize and innovate in diverse areas of this business in order to improve productivity and efficiency. The company provides consulting and implementation services to clients, focusing on data that adds value to the business and allows decision making in real time.




Edgardo Cabello - GIM Suite Professional

South America

Edgardo has 8 years of experience in the mining industry including implementation of the acQuire GIM Suite in South America.

Juan Vega - GIM Suite Professional

South America

Juan has 8 years of experience in the mining industry as a software engineer at Maptek, and an implementation specialist and commercial support manager at acQuire.

Ricardo Aquea Barraza - GIM Suite Practitioner

South America

Ricardo has a Masters in Computer Engineering, and more than 10 years of experience in the mining industry, focusing on the governance of data in exploration, from its generation stage to advanced projects and resource development.

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