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MapIT has been providing GIS and data management services to industry for over two decades. They have successfully delivered services using GIM Suite since 2014. The company has followed an evolving progression of services from basic GIS and data compilation work, through to 3D modelling and targeting. MapIT provides high-end services in data management through acQuire’s Nova Network, and advanced 3D modelling in packages such as – goCAD, Leapfrog and Gems.

With a history in data visualisation (GIS), MapIT approaches data management from the data user perspective rather than strictly data management. This ensures collected data is streamlined for all end users.

MapIT works directly with clients, focusing on their needs and requests to find the right solutions and deliver leading services. They support clients from exploration, through development and into mining. MapIT also assist to advance projects as cost effectively and quickly as possible in an ‘on demand’ capacity.


Paul Stacey - GIM Suite Practitioner

President and Founder of MapIT, Paul Stacey specialises in 2D and 3D project modelling, integration and data management for the mineral exploration and mining industry. With over two decades of experience, Paul can provide a broad insight into the best-in-class software, data management, dissemination and visualisation practices. Paul has an inherent curiosity and commitment to learning and using the latest and best technologies around. This, paired with Paul’s knowledge of past platforms, means he possesses the experience to help others assess, migrate and use the best technology for the job.

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