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Advanced DataCare Pty Ltd provides information management consulting services for clients in the resources industry. They implement innovative database solutions for managing mining and exploration workflows and associated data flows.

Advanced DataCare Pty Ltd started in Perth, Western Australia, in 2006.  Since then, they have completed many projects for customers in Australia and overseas, capitalising on:

  • Intimate knowledge of geological, hydrological, and metallurgical workflows and data flows in mining and exploration
  • High level of IT skills
  • Relentless drive for technical excellence in delivering practical solutions that add value to the business
  • Genuine commitment to helping our customers to achieve the best possible GIM
  • Passion for systematic approach in solving issues
  • Ability to think laterally
  • Results oriented business philosophy


Dusan Dammer - GIM Suite Professional

Dusan Dammer is the owner and Principal Consultant at Advanced DataCare Pty Ltd. Dusan has previously worked in the resources industry as a geochemist and geologist, and was a Principal GDA at acQuire where he implemented the GIM Suite for more than 16 mining and exploration companies worldwide.

Since founding Advanced DataCare in 2006 he completed database system implementations for a number of clients.

Dusan enjoys working on all kind of projects from small GIM Suite upgrades to large database system implementations.  No matter what type or size of the project, the focus is always on professional excellence and timely delivery within the allocated budget.

Professional skills include:

  • Analysis, design, development, and implementation of database applications in SQL Server with Business Intelligence and in Ms Office
  • Auditing and optimisation of mining and exploration workflows and data flows
  • Implementation and optimisation of geoscientific information management systems

Dusan completed Micosoft Certified Professional certifications in SQL Server and Visual basic.  He holds PhD in regolith geochemistry.

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