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Hoffmann Geoscience

Hoffmann Geoscience LLC provides scientifically-sound geologic insight, data analysis and data management to support organisations.

As an acQuire Nova Network Partner, Hoffmann Geoscience LLC can offer over a decade of experience in exploration, mining, and resource development to advance your next project.

Their services include:

  • Geometallurgy program development and management
  • Geologic data analysis and visualisation
  • Database management using the advanced capabilities of GIM Suite.

Succeed in your next project with the expertise of Hoffmann Geoscience LLC and the advanced GIM Suite software provided by acQuire.


Nicole Hoffmann - GIM Suite Practitioner

Nicole Hoffmann has over a decade experience in exploration and mining development. She is a professional geologist with the State of Minnesota and has worked from being a field geologist directing drilling activities through to project manager, guiding the interpretation and management of geometallurgical data.

Throughout her career, Nicole has experienced every level of engagement with GIM Suite. As a field geologist, she understood the streamlined process of data entry and data review. As a project manager, she became experienced with the fundamentals of data management and quality control. As a site manager for a company-wide GIM Suite database, she mastered database design and technical maintenance. Now, as a Nova Network Partner with acQuire, she has the geologic fundamentals and technical proficiency to guide your project to success.

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