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KamLak aims to improve business performance by developing and delivering solutions to complex business problems. They can optimise businesses’ workflows and systems, and transform data into insights to help businesses make impactful decisions.

By partnering with their customers, they strive to achieve efficiency and effectiveness by reviewing workflows and making suggestions to improve the efficiency of retrieving, capturing, storing and processing data.

They achieve these goals in the diverse natural resource industry through the extensive experience of their database specialists and reliable partner network. In addition, they are driven by their contribution to achieving responsible mining through a trusted data asset and a desire for innovation achieved through implementing and enhancing industry-leading technology applications.


Tuomas Makila - GIM Suite Professional

Over the past eight years, Tuomas has gained extensive experience working within the natural resource industry and has been responsible for software implementation, data migrations, training, project scoping, technical support and mentoring. During this time, he had experience working across base metal, precious metals, coal, uranium, and oil and gas (thermal and oil sands) operations.

Joe Makori - GIM Suite Professional

Joe is a business development and database professional with over 11 years’ experience in the natural resource industry (mining, and oil and gas).

He is dedicated to improving business performance by developing and delivering solutions to complex business problems. He possesses excellent leadership, communication and analytical skills, complemented by a Bachelor of Commerce.

Joe has a proven track record of exceeding revenue targets, reducing operational expenses and engaging in successful contract negotiations. He is regarded as a friendly, enthusiastic and motivated individual who develops relationships quickly, pays great attention to detail, and strives for the highest standard of work with a great ‘can-do’ attitude.

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