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Tiger Geo Services, a geological services company based in Sweden joins the acQuire Nova Network

Tiger Geo Services is a privately owned company providing efficient and affordable data management services to the mineral exploration and mining industry.

Tiger Geo Services provides a high level of service, including on-site support, to ensure data solutions are fully functional for clients. They understand the importance of your data and aim to add value by improving the quality of your data management.

Services include:

  • GIM Suite post-implementation services
  • GIM Suite configuration and maintenance of GIM Suite objects and workflows.
  • Database maintenance
  • Data importing, exporting & reporting
  • Dataset compilation and amalgamation
  • Data capture and validation
  • Quality assurance and control


Louise Lindskog - GIM Suite Professional

Louise Lindskog  is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Tiger Geo Services and has over 20 years’ international exploration, resource/project development and database experience in a variety of mineral deposit styles, countries and cultures. Through her career, she has gained extensive experience in the management, implementation and development of geological databases as well as the training and mentoring of staff. She received her BSc Hons (Econ. Geology) degree from James Cook University in Townsville, Australia and can communicate fluently in both English and Swedish.

Before becoming a Nova Network partner, Louise has (as a client) been responsible for successfully rolling out and implementing acQuire GIM Suite for three different companies and understands the client’s needs and challenges associated with implementing a new database and possible post-implementation teething problems.

Having worked in exploration and resource development, she has firsthand experience in using and integrating geological data across various databases, GIS and 3D platforms. Louise has experience in resolving the challenges that different databases, file formats, and erroneous or historical data can create in the day-to-day operations and their effects on the decision making. With her attention to detail, analytical mind and problem-solving skills, she is passionate about high quality geological datasets and having a great asset for all your geological data management needs.

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