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PROCIGNO has certified professionals with proven experience in software development for all types of companies.

The PROCIGNO team has experience in capturing geoscientific data and implementing business intelligence dashboards for exploration and production areas, ensuring their clients have traceable, reliable and auditable information. They manufacture software that adapts to all types of devices and environments, both online and offline, and have a solid technological infrastructure to provide clients with a high-quality service in the cloud.

At PROCIGNO, they believe in the importance of knowledge and analysis of the environment to understand the world. PROCIGNO believes that ideas have no limits.


Angelo Francisco Gómez Pozo - GIM Suite Practitioner

Angelo is a computer engineer with 13 years of proven experience in the geology area, working on exploration projects, production, and mining planning.

He has field experience in:

  • Drilling
  • Blasting holes
  • Data collection from geology and geotechnical logs
  • Sample handling
  • QAQC for chemical analysis
  • Information delivery for geological models
  • Resource estimating.

Angelo has worked in large-scale mining in charge of geological databases, which includes GIM Suite, and integrations with third-party software. He also has experience in implementing management dashboards with relevant KPIs for businesses in the mining industry.

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