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19 Feb 2018 - Industry News, Nova Network

Access to world-class GIM technology for early-stage explorers

Through the Nova Network – our accredited network of global consulting partners – explorers and miners are getting quick access to geoscientific information management tools that are tailored to their service budgets.

When you’re exploring a new site in a remote location, getting quality information is crucial so that you can make the right decisions about how to proceed. The following shows how crucial shared exploration progress reports are and how smart outsourcing with a Nova Network Partner can achieve scalable results.

Cordoba Minerals: The challenge of getting good quality data in early-stage exploration

Copper and gold company Cordoba Minerals was in early-stage exploration at the San Matias project site in Colombia and needed to have their data accessible by their managers in the site office, but also by two offices in different cities in Canada. The team needed to be able to record and share their drillhole data with people on the ground while also sharing this data with managers and investors across the globe.

Drilling teams at the remote site also needed tools to help them keep validated records so that modelling would be based on high-quality data.

Picking the right tools for the job

Photo of nova partner Phil Wilson Nova Network Partner Phil Wilson of PJW Geospatial Consulting (PJW) helped Cordoba Minerals manage their data in the GIM Suite via an online managed environment so their teams across the world could see the progress of exploration on their site.

Based in Melbourne, PJW worked with Cordoba’s offices in Canada and their site in Colombia, providing robust data management services, using acQuire products, to professionally manage their information.

PJW performed a needs analysis to establish the goals of the organisation and their maturity in handling geoscientific data. Cordoba Minerals needed to set up their database and build forms, scripts and reports to ensure stakeholders received the right information. Combining historic data collected before using the GIM Suite to manage new data was also required, so the database needed to be built to accommodate the different forms.

Having access to the GIM Suite meant members of the company and their consultants used the software globally to get the answers they needed about the geoscientific data. This easy access gave managers the ability to make quick decisions, meaning drilling results could be reported quickly.

Automating processes for better data quality

Giving people access so they could view, access and analyse data was difficult when it existed across electronic and non-electronic means and was stored in a variety of file formats.

Data was logged on paper, transcribed to Excel, and then emailed off to the head office. There were multiple places where the data integrity could be compromised.

PJW set up the input forms so they can use Tough Pads and Tough Books in the field to put validated data directly into the system.

PJW also worked with Cordoba to set up processes and technology for managing their blasthole information, starting from understanding their needs as a company through to setting up the software and training the staff in the mine who are responsible for sample collection and data entry.

Cordoba now has a validated database of blasthole data they can use for resource estimation. At any time geologists on site or in offices in other countries can log in and know they are being served accurate and timely data, which they know is the single source of truth.

Quick decisions save time

Phil Wilson, from PJW Geospatial Consulting said, “The PJW data management services helped Cordoba Minerals make quicker decisions, which meant they could get better value from their investment and also make decisions based on the best available information.”

“For any junior explorer time is key as results need to be released to market as soon as possible and decisions are needed where to drill next. Site crews
want to be paid per day. If they are sitting around waiting for a decision, you are basically burning money. These crucial decisions are based on the data collected and stored within GIM Suite.”

Through the engagement with PJW, Cordoba Minerals has seen improvement in their data quality and all through their workflows. Management has better visibility of data and dispatches and sees all this in a report on demand via a browser.

Access reliable consultants

The Nova Network provides access to accredited consultants who understand acQuire’s technology and how to efficiently use it in the mining and exploration industry. While the partners are independent of acQuire, they can enable access to GIM Suite software and configure it to the needs of your company.

There are two Nova Network service types:

  1. GIM Suite Provider – to manage your data without an existing GIM Suite set-up.
  2. GIM Keeper – for information management services for GIM Suite customers.

Better geoscientific data on time and budget

PJW offers GIM Suite Provider and GIM Keeper services, which means clients can gain access to the GIM Suite tools and also receive data management services with or without an existing GIM Suite implementation.

The Nova Network is a great resource for those who don’t have permanent database managers on staff and need someone to help them manage their data. It is also great for early stage projects that may not have the infrastructure or resources to support the full GIM Solution. This gives them easy access to the industry’s market-leading software.

Our certified Nova Network Partners have a reputation for providing the best-quality GIM service to their clients.

The Nova Network Advantage

When you join the Nova Network, you combine working with clients and using industry-leading software in exploration all over the world.

Depending on the development stage in the mining cycle, companies may not be ready for running a fully implemented in-house GIM Suite solution. The Nova Network Partner offers a perfect solution to manage a company’s data and get started with the industry-leading GIM Suite and data validation.

Consultants who join the Nova Network must meet our accreditation standards. Partners can service their own clients and with the higher level of accreditation, they can service acQuire’s existing customers. There are two service types: GIM Keeper and GIM Suite Provider, which indicate which parts of the value chain you are
involved in.

To find a Nova Network Partner for your next project, search our Nova Network directory.

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