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18 Apr 2024 - Company & Industry News

acQuire Connected episode 35: Emerging trends shaping environmental reporting

The way companies report on their environmental compliance is being watched and scrutinised more than ever before. It’s no longer enough to publicly declare the efforts of a company without sufficient evidence; stakeholders and investors working in the natural resources sector want to see data-backed reporting of a company’s environmental performance and initiatives.

The two waves of innovation driving how companies use their environmental data are:

  • changes to regulatory standards around how companies report on their data
  • advances in technology that shape how we capture, report and analyse environmental data.

This week’s podcast guests, Stuart van de Water, Environmental Leader at acQuire, and Che DeDear, EnviroSys Commercial Manager, sit down with us to explore the emerging regulatory changes and technological trends that are shaping how companies report on their environmental data.

In this episode, we cover:

  • the value companies gain from accessing real-time environmental data,
  • opportunities for companies to leverage new technology in their environmental reporting processes, from small incremental process changes to scenario modelling of their environmental footprint,
  • steps companies can take not just to keep pace with regulatory changes, but also to get ahead of their competitors,
  • why an environmental data management solution is a worthwhile investment when it comes to reporting,
  • and the burning question: when will people stop talking about ESG?

Tune in to learn all about the ins and outs of data management here:

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