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03 Jul 2019 - GIM Suite – Technology

Healthy geoscience data critical piece of puzzle for copper miner

Tritton Resources Limited (Tritton) is a fully owned subsidiary to Aeris Resources Limited. Chris Raymond, Tritton’s Exploration Superintendent, is in charge of a small team working to ensure the long-term future for the company at their operation in central New South Wales. Using acQuire’s GIM Suite to its fullest potential is a critical piece of... View Article

17 Apr 2018 - GIM Suite – Technology, Business Management

Going for Gold: How data strategy improved Kinross Gold’s business

Jenni Pfeiffer explores how Kinross Gold’s geology teams use data to improve strategy and reduce risk across multiple sites. Working in Technical Services for Kinross Gold, geologic data systems manager Pfeiffer, took an in-depth look into how to improve geoscientific information management (GIM) performance across their sites, globally. Kinross Technical Services is based out of... View Article

19 Feb 2018 - Industry News, Nova Network

Access to world-class GIM technology for early-stage explorers

Through the Nova Network – our accredited network of global consulting partners – explorers and miners are getting quick access to geoscientific information management tools that are tailored to their service budgets. When you’re exploring a new site in a remote location, getting quality information is crucial so that you can make the right decisions... View Article

09 Jun 2017 - Industry News, Event News, Business Management

Drive strategic change by assessing your Geoscientific Information Management

acQuire’s GIM Talks at PDAC 2017 acQuire hosted a series of GIM Talks featuring guest speakers from the mining and mineral exploration industry. The talks gave attendees technological insights in GIM and offered real-life case studies from the field. Jenni Pfeiffer, Manager – Geologic Data Systems at Kinross Gold delivered her presentation “GIM Assessments as... View Article

13 Jul 2016 - Business Management

GIM Suite Used for Complex Oil Sands Projects

For Canada’s oil sands producers, maintaining costs is fundamental to the long-term viability of current projects. Total E&P Canada uses Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) as an essential tool to increase the profitability of their oil sands exploration and production. Marc Nolte, Total’s previous GeoInformation Manager, was tasked with normalising lab analysis documents for Total’s Joslyn... View Article

23 Jun 2016 - Business Management

GIM Drives Multiple Efficiencies at Anglo American’s Coal Business

Paul Murtagh is fascinated with data. An experienced exploration geologist, he’s spent a lot of time in the field gathering data from boreholes. Working on part of a standardisation initiative at Anglo American, Murtagh had the opportunity to take a closer look at how geoscientific information was being managed across seven mine sites in Australia... View Article

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