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11 Apr 2024 - Company & Industry News

acQuire Connected episode 34: How integral is data management to the mining sector?

Modern mining operations generate massive volumes of data throughout exploration, production, and resource management. This has given rise to many complex data management challenges including how the mining industry handles data volume and variety, data quality and integrity, accessibility to data, and many more.

But to what extent does having integrated database management systems to organise data efficiently matter to the mining industry? Is this just a technical advantage for businesses or is it critical to the success of their operations?

This week’s podcast guest, Niti Gupta, a professional geoscientist with more than a decade of experience in delivering comprehensive geological and environmental solutions, unpacks the question, ‘how integral is data management to the mining sector?’.

While you can probably guess the answer – very – this episode explores so much more about data management, including:

  • challenges that mining companies face across data management and analysis,
  • what effective data management can mean for sustainability efforts and regulatory reporting
  • the common misconceptions around database management, and
  • future trends in data management practices.

Tune in to learn all about data management in the mining sector here:

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