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03 Jul 2019 - GIM Suite – Technology

Healthy geoscience data critical piece of puzzle for copper miner

Tritton Resources Limited (Tritton) is a fully owned subsidiary to Aeris Resources Limited. Chris Raymond, Tritton’s Exploration Superintendent, is in charge of a small team working to ensure the long-term future for the company at their operation in central New South Wales. Using acQuire’s GIM Suite to its fullest potential is a critical piece of... View Article

23 May 2019 - Industry News, Event News, Business Management, Technology Partner by Alison Atkins

Digital transformation and the evolving mining tech ecosystem

When you’re immersed in a long-term project, it can be easy to forget how far you’ve come. That was driven home at the Digital Mine Conference held in Perth on 10-11 April 2019. It was an excellent opportunity to hear from the industry and Government about the current state of the digital mine, where we... View Article

02 Oct 2017 - Industry News, Event News by Lee-Anne Coleman

Three key takeaways from AusIMM’s Mining Geology Conference

The recent Tenth International Mining Geology Conference had a great feeling about it. There was a strong sense of people and organisations sharing their valuable insights – both the good and the bad – for the benefit of the industry. Held in Hobart, Tasmania from 20-22 September, the theme of the conference was “Setting New... View Article

29 Aug 2017 - Event News, Technology Partner

The connected mine and the quest for better decisions

acQuire’s GIM Talks at PDAC 2017 acQuire hosted a series of GIM presentations featuring guest speakers from the mining and mineral exploration industry during the PDAC Convention in 2017. The presentations gave attendees technological insights in GIM and offered real-life case studies from the field. “The Connected Mine” was presented by acQuire, REFLEX and ARANZ... View Article

31 Jul 2017 - Industry News, Business Management, Podcast by The acQuire Newsroom

The mine of the future

As a technology company at the forefront of geoscientific information management software, acQuire is very interested in the mine of the future: understanding where the industry is going and having a hand in shaping that future is key to our mission. Over the past two years we have witnessed the end of the mining super-cycle... View Article

18 Jul 2017 - Business Management, Podcast by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 18: Why a senior gold mining company takes GIM seriously

In this week’s episode, we chat to Jenni Pfeiffer, the Manager for Geologic Data Systems with Kinross Gold Corporation. She discusses how she has been working directly with global operations to improve geological data management capabilities and processes across three of Kinross Gold’s sites and head office. Find out how her team is overcoming GIM... View Article

08 May 2017 - Event News, Podcast by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel: Special podcast series recorded live from PDAC

This week we feature 5 podcasts as part of a special edition GIM Channel, recorded from PDAC in Toronto. We took time out at one of the world’s biggest mineral exploration conventions to chat to: 1. Andrew Scott, Senior Director, Innovation at Barrick Gold Corporation Andrew Scott, and acQuire’s Director of Product, Steve Mundell, chat... View Article

21 Feb 2017 - GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner by Jared Armstrong

Interoperability: Smart Refresh improves data quality

Interoperability is taking the mining industry by storm. Or that’s what you might think if you’ve attended a mining conference recently. We’ve been on the interoperability bandwagon for over 20 years at acQuire, cheekily describing our efforts as ‘playing well with others’. What you might not have heard about is our Smart Refresh feature. Here’s... View Article

20 Feb 2017 - Business Management, Podcast by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 08: Bringing innovation to the mining industry

Federico Arboleda, acQuire’s Commercial Strategist, joins the GIM Channel to discuss how the mining industry is ready to adapt and adopt new innovations and technologies to drive greater productivity. So how do you jump on the productivity bandwagon? Federico discusses why you need your fundamental data before you do anything else. Without your original observations... View Article

06 Feb 2017 - Industry News, Podcast by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 07: Tackling challenges in the resources industry with GIM

Matt Hoffer, Geology Manager for Coeur Mining based in Chicago, joins this week’s episode of The GIM Channel to discuss innovative trends in mining and the challenges geologists face in the natural resources industry. Matt has worked in the mining industry as a geologist for over 10 years with numerous geologist roles with Newmont, Allied... View Article

15 Dec 2016 - Business Management by Alison Atkins

Risk management in mining needs robust data management

It’s no secret mining and metals companies are facing new risks as the market adjusts to dynamic pressures. A 2016 Ernst & Young (EY) report shows a fresh risk profile for the global industry. It clearly states the need to be productive and innovative.  Managing cash remains a risk, as seen in previous years. Sustainable... View Article

29 Nov 2016 - Company News, Podcast by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 02: Bill Withers on creating a resilient GIM technology company

In this episode of The GIM Channel, we are joined by acQuire’s co-founder, Bill Withers. Bill gives insights into the history of acQuire and challenges facing geoscientific information management from 1996 to today. He discusses his views on how important GIM is across the mining value chain, and the roles architecture, mine design and leadership... View Article

14 Nov 2016 - Podcast by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 01: The digital age of data in mining

Welcome to our first edition of acQuire’s new podcast – The GIM Channel. The GIM Channel will feature a series of 20 minute interviews and discussions from mining leaders, technologists and natural resource industry experts. Every two weeks we’ll deliver insights from guest speakers on people, process and technology for managing one of the natural... View Article

09 Nov 2016 - Business Management by Chris Spooner

Three ways GIM ensures data integrity

Maintaining the integrity of your geoscientific data is essential so your team working on your mining or exploration project can make quick and reliable decisions based on accurate information. Data integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency of stored data collected on your site from the drillhole and in the lab. Geoscientific Information Management (GIM)... View Article

15 Sep 2016 - Business Management by Steve Mundell

The case for digital innovation in mining

Decreasing ore grades and complex ore bodies create need for digital innovation With decreasing ore grades, more complex ore bodies and volatile commodity prices, the mining industry needs ways to work smarter and respond quickly to changing circumstances. The utilisation of new digital tools, and technologies, can help innovate current processes being used in mining... View Article

07 Sep 2016 - Business Management by Steve Mundell

How resource companies can maximise their digital technologies

Imagine a geo, a driller and a surveyor standing at a rig debating the name of a drillhole. It sounds like the opening of a bad geology joke but there’s nothing funny about it. When people in various roles at a resources operation have to stop what they’re doing and have a chat to confirm... View Article

27 Jul 2016 - Business Management

Why Effective Geoscientific Information Management Needs Leadership

Change management can be the biggest hurdle when implementing a strategy for effective geoscientific information management (GIM). To reap the rewards of introducing a strategic GIM solution to your operation, a senior executive or manager invested in its success needs to champion the project. Involvement from the top ensures an implementation can successfully preserve its... View Article

06 Jul 2016 - Business Management

How GIM Helps Business Prosper in Difficult Market Conditions

In a downturn, everyone must respond to cost pressures. Making cuts in the wrong place can actually cost your company money, now and in the long term. Unfortunately, business often views geoscientific information management (GIM) as an unnecessary expense. Data is the basis for good decision-making but if the necessary data isn’t available, your company... View Article

29 Jun 2016 - Business Management

Five Challenges in GIM Facing Mining and Exploration Companies

Mining and exploration companies have a particular set of challenges they face to ensure their geoscientific information is managed as effectively as possible. This year at the Convention of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the GIM Panel, hosted by acQuire, discussed current challenges and trends impacting geoscientific information management (GIM) for the... View Article

15 Jun 2016 - GIM Suite – Technology, Business Management

The Crucial Role of GIM in Geologic Modelling

Good geoscientific information management (GIM) is a key factor in a highly profitable and optimised mines because it provides a solid foundation for accurate resource and geologic models. A well supported resource model based on reliable data underpins all assumptions for the way the deposit will be mined. Data gathered throughout the mine’s lifespan feeds... View Article

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