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20 Feb 2017 - Company & Industry News by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 08: Bringing innovation to the mining industry

Federico Arboleda, acQuire’s Commercial Strategist, joins the GIM Channel to discuss how the mining industry is ready to adapt and adopt new innovations and technologies to drive greater productivity.

So how do you jump on the productivity bandwagon? Federico discusses why you need your fundamental data before you do anything else. Without your original observations and measurements being managed effectively, you can’t enable big data analysis, machine learning or other efficiencies the industry is trying to drive.


Show Notes

Here are some key take-outs:

  • Startups are helping to drive change and innovation in the mining industry. The old players must work with the new players to help drive this change.
  • Startups are temporary organisations that test a business model, a new idea or a new concept. They are not an SME or small company. Having startups involved in the industry opens up the conversation about tackling issues in innovative ways.

The trends of the digital data capture or digital sensors, and other trends related to automation of knowledge, machine learning, are really beginning to change our marketplace and the minerals industry” – Federico

  • Fundamental data including original observations and measurements is a crucial part of creating innovations and efficiencies in the resources industry.
  • Companies need to have good quality they can trust to start to drive productivity in their operations.

Without the fundamental data, then you can’t do anything else. It’s the fundamental building block that is going to enable big data analysis, machine learning, all these efficiencies that we’re actually trying to drive.” – Federico

  • Unbundling may be the way forward for the mining industry in 10 years time.
  • Best in breed systems will be independent of the other systems in mine operations but connectivity will become more important.

“I think that the ecosystem will change, where instead of one single player owning the entire value chain, where you have the material movement system and the GIM, and the mine planning system and the environmental system all owned by a single entity, it’s actually going to unbundle.” – Federico

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