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29 Aug 2017 - Event News, Technology Partner

The connected mine and the quest for better decisions

acQuire’s GIM Talks at PDAC 2017

acQuire hosted a series of GIM presentations featuring guest speakers from the mining and mineral exploration industry during the PDAC Convention in 2017. The presentations gave attendees technological insights in GIM and offered real-life case studies from the field.

“The Connected Mine” was presented by acQuire, REFLEX and ARANZ Geo.

Watch the full presentation, filmed at the acQuire booth on 6 March 2017.

In summary:

The quest for better decisions; productivity and efficiency improvements is fast leading to a breaking down of the mining value chain. The nett effect of this is an increase in the number of inputs into the mine planning and decision making process. This increase in the number of inputs is putting an even greater focus on data management and connectivity between systems so that organisations can realise the full value of the data – sooner.

This is what we call The Connected Mine.

The connected mine is a way of working – not a technology. acQuire, ARANZ Geo and REFLEX NOW are part of the collection of technologies that contribute to analysis and decision making in the mine planning/resource exploitation process of an organisation. These three organisations are working toward better connectivity for the “the connected mine” so that all the data is available in a timely manner for better decision making.

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