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18 Jul 2017 - Company & Industry News by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 18: Why a senior gold mining company takes GIM seriously

In this week’s episode, we chat to Jenni Pfeiffer, the Manager for Geologic Data Systems with Kinross Gold Corporation.

She discusses how she has been working directly with global operations to improve geological data management capabilities and processes across three of Kinross Gold’s sites and head office.

Find out how her team is overcoming GIM challenges with the support of their senior leadership and what key insights they have discovered along the way.

Show Highlights

  • How taking a closer look at GIM organisation, processes, people, and technology can give deeper insights into geology departments.
  • What unexpected insights Jenni discovered from taking a deeper look into the geology departments across multiple sites.

The one thing that we really weren’t expecting to get out of it was the review of our geology departments; how they work and how they interact with different departments, how people feel about their jobs, how individuals want to get involved or want to contribute ideas. I guess, that was the big surprise.” – Jenni

  • Why formalising goals and objectives around GIM can help a site choose the right technology that’s suitable, sustainable, and can be used by everyone.
  • How the value of GIM can be sold internally to senior management.

“I think we’re pretty lucky at Kinross that our senior management team in Toronto does value GIM and wants to promote better standards and move it forward…. the important thing is to be able to show everyone the value and not just say ‘You should do this,’ but why and be able to prove it.”

  • Tips to empower staff and raise the awareness of GIM.

Build the business case, show the value, show it’s worth it. Because in our industry, you have to account for money spent. We have to prove that GIM is worth it. Investing in a proper system and developing people to work with that system is a value to the business.

  • How technology can help companies become more innovative.

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