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12 Dec 2015 -

Leadership Challenges in the Unfolding Data Revolution

Presenter: Dr Thomas C. Redman, Navesink Consulting Group

Upon reflection, there can be little doubt that we are smack in the middle of a data revolution, heralding profound change to every organisation, every department therein, indeed, every job. “Big data” garners the lion’s share of media attention but, of course, Companies can fight the changes and, in so doing, imperil their futures. Or they can embrace the changes, even if the final destination and way forward are far from clear.

All organisations claim some version of “our data are among our most important strategic assets.” But actually building the capabilities to back the claim up—by learning to put data to work in new and innovative ways, by developing far greater “data capabilities,” by making the needed structural changes to manage, share, and use data and by advancing a data-driven culture—is a tall order indeed. This presentation has three components: First, a stone-cold sober review of the opportunities and perils and that tantalize and bedevil us all. Second, a number of “must-dos,” things such as find a “measure of data that you can protect,” that most find rather obvious once they see data in the proper light. The third is unabashedly speculative, looking out three to twenty years and contemplating the organisational changes that will separate winners from losers.

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