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18 May 2016 - GIM Suite – Technology

How infield electronic capture improves overall data quality

Using electronic data capture when collecting geoscientific data is crucial to getting high-quality information to decision-makers. Electronic data capture eliminates double entry and reduces the chance of incorrectly associated or misreported data. Geoscientists need to make decisions based on accurate information to ensure they get the most value out of the resource, but if the... View Article

09 May 2016 - Event News

GIM Jam Mastermind Perth Continues to Create Conversations

The latest seminar in the GIM Jam Mastermind series was held in Perth on Tuesday 5 May. The half day event was an opportunity for acQuire customers, data management consultants and acQuire staff and technology partners to come together in a relaxed environment to share industry insights, explore case studies and get an inside look... View Article

05 May 2016 - GIM Suite – Technology, Technology Partner

Access the Coreshed core image library direct through the GIM Suite

Corescan joined acQuire Technology Solutions at PDAC 2016 to present the latest functionality of the new GIM Suite 2 and Coreshed connectivity. The connection between GIM Suite 2 and Corescan’s Coreshed image library allows core imagery products to be accessed directly in the GIM Suite through a specialised database link. The specialised link has been... View Article

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