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09 May 2016 - Event News

GIM Jam Mastermind Perth Continues to Create Conversations

The latest seminar in the GIM Jam Mastermind series was held in Perth on Tuesday 5 May. The half day event was an opportunity for acQuire customers, data management consultants and acQuire staff and technology partners to come together in a relaxed environment to share industry insights, explore case studies and get an inside look at acQuire’s new GIM Suite 2.2.

The Perth event featured guest speakers from Alcoa Mining, ALS Minerals, Geosoft, Evolution Mining and Rio Tinto Iron Ore, as well as acQuire staff who live and breathe GIM technology.

GIM Jam Mastermind PerthSome of the topics covered included:

  • Managing VWPs in acQuire 4 (Caroline Ludemann, Rio Tinto)
  • Evolution of drill plod data capture (Jeremy Lykke, Evolution Mining)
  • 2015 Exploration Information Management Survey findings (Nick Parker, Geosoft)
  • Breaking barriers through software interoperability (Kath Hodgson, ALS Minerals)
  • Drill program workflow in GIM Suite (Brigette Hendersonhall, Alcoa Mining)

Nick Parker from Geosoft shared the company’s findings from their 2015 Exploration Information Management survey, which was designed to identify ongoing challenges with respect to handling exploration data and how organisations are working to solve these issues. The survey was well received, with near on 2000 responses from those working in the natural resources industry.

The survey found data management was considered to be critically important and one of the top five issues identified by exploration groups.

Some other exploration industry issues highlighted in the survey were:

  • A fragmented approach to drillhole data management still occurs – a long term industry issue. This means data silos still exist with the potential risk of losing good data which can cost a project thousands of dollars.
  • Teams working in active projects need to ensure they are using the most current and best quality version of geoscientific data – that there is a single point of truth.
  • Connectivity of third party software systems is important to ensure companies can have access to their data in various formats.

Brigette Hendersonhall from Alcoa Mining delivered an excellent case study presentation about creating a Drill Program workflow in the acQuire GIM Suite. Alcoa’s annual drill program has 70,000 drillholes generating 700,000 samples. The drilling, sampling and results information is stored in the GIM Suite, while the drill program management workflow (from drill planning through to implementation), lab results and initial domaining are all tracked using a number of spreadsheets.  Alcoa Mining explained how the workflow is being migrated to the GIM Suite and the benefits including:

  • Active, scheduled or inactive data can be stored in one place – not maintained in different spreadsheets.
  • Data integrity is achieved and there is greater control over the process and data.
  • Dialogue is achieved in the team around the workflows and not the tools.

All case study examples delivered by guest speakers exhibited similar benefits from implementing a GIM Solution. When the right balance of people, process and technology was employed, the operations benefited from data integrity, consistency, auditability, transparency and time efficiency.

GIM Jam Mastermind seminars are for technical professionals in the geoscientific information management (GIM) space. Mastermind events are designed for GIM technology users to exchange ideas for managing geological data and share industry tips and tricks in a relaxed and fun environment.

GIM Jam Mastermind also helps those wishing to re-new their acQuire Learning accreditation. You can qualify for re-accreditation by attending one of our Mastermind events.

GIM Jam Mastermind seminars are happening soon in Antofagasta, Chile (9 May 2016) and Johannesburg, South Africa (25 May 2016).

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