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GIM Jam Mastermind

This hands-on seminar is designed for acQuire GIM Suite users to exchange geoscientific information management (GIM) related ideas to get the most out of your GIM software. View the latest presentations from our seminar series.

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Presenter: Greg Butt, Anglo American

A look at some of the technical aspects of making GIM Suite into a quasi multi-lingual database. The presentation will talk about the nitty gritty of SQL code behind the objects and look at possible RFA for the future GIM Suite data model.

Presenter: Miguel Silva Valenzuela

A comienzos del año 2012 se implementó GIM Suite en Antofagasta Minerals como un prototipo para la administración de datos geocientíficos, lo cual al cabo de un año tuvo buenos resultados dando la posibilidad de estandarizar nuestros procesos y tecnologías, y por sobre todo centralizando la información.
• Durante el año 2015 se implementó en Minera Los Pelambres para pozos de tronadura y sondajes.
• Durante el año 2016 se realizó la implementación en Minera Centinela para Pozos de Tronadura y Sondajes
• Finalmente se espera iniciar con la implementación de Minera Antucoya durante el año 2018 y normalizacón de estándares corporativos en Minera Zaldívar.

Presenter: Niki Spurway, Rio Tinto Aluminium

By using a link in acQuire Neo to extract specific data directly from ALS Webtrieve, we were able to efficiently monitor the sample preparation QAQC. This allowed us to be proactive in the sample preparation area before any errors became pervasive. This was especially important to our project as the entire sample is consumed in the sample preparation phase. All that remains is a 200g pulp – there are no second chances.

Presenter: Neil Fordyce, Minffordd Pty Ltd

This presentation talks about challenges and problem to solution methods I have learnt and observed from over 25 years of working with mineral exploration data.

GIM Jam Conference 2014

The theme for 2014 was the Next Generation of GIM, with a focus on the future trends in GIM practices and technology.

The two day conference was held in Perth, Western Australia from 1 October to 2 October 2014. It featured two conference streams – GIM Mastermind and GIM Business.

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Presenter: Vito Forte, Fortescue Metals Group

Do you understand the impact that culture has on your organisation? Without the right culture, all the best strategies in the world will not yield their expected benefits.

Let’s take a journey in understanding the importance of culture in the delivery and execution of strategy, and in the performance of an organisation.

Presenter: Steve Mundell, acQuire Technology Solutions

acQuire’s Head of Research presents acQuire’s vision for the next generation of GIM.

Presenter: Zane Prickett, RIIT

RIIT gathered together 100 of Australia’s top software developers, designers, and data scientists in a room for a weekend to develop noval technical solutions on resource related data and problems. We gave them two years of gold mining production data, RioTinto video and grade block data, and the entire WA Department of Mines and Petroleum mining data archive.

Presenter: Russell McBride, Evolution Mining Limited

Evolution Mining was formed in late 2011 resulting in 5 disparate mine sites merging into one company’s portfolio. Following the initial settling in period it was seen as essential that Evolution take more advantage of their mid-tier size and structure. Russell’s presentation will describe some of the initiatives undertaken in the data management field and the issues encountered during the investigation and requirements gathering phase of the project.

GIM Jam Conference 2013

GIM Jam 2013 was a global jam session for the geoscientific information management (GIM) community. It offered the GIM community a genuine focal point for interaction. It was held in Calgary, 30 September to 1 October 2013.

The conference focused on the technology side of GIM and on the business drivers and decisions.

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Presenter: Dr Thomas C. Redman, Navesink Consulting Group

Upon reflection, there can be little doubt that we are smack in the middle of a data revolution, heralding profound change to every organisation, every department therein, indeed, every job. “Big data” garners the lion’s share of media attention but, of course, Companies can fight the changes and, in so doing, imperil their futures. Or they can embrace the changes, even if the final destination and way forward are far from clear.

All organisations claim some version of “our data are among our most important strategic assets.” But actually building the capabilities to back the claim up—by learning to put data to work in new and innovative ways, by developing far greater “data capabilities,” by making the needed structural changes to manage, share, and use data and by advancing a data-driven culture—is a tall order indeed. This presentation has three components: First, a stone-cold sober review of the opportunities and perils and that tantalize and bedevil us all. Second, a number of “must-dos,” things such as find a “measure of data that you can protect,” that most find rather obvious once they see data in the proper light. The third is unabashedly speculative, looking out three to twenty years and contemplating the organisational changes that will separate winners from losers.

Presenter: Steve Mundell, acQuire Technology Solutions

While we are a technology company, our focus is much broader because we understand that in order to create great software, people, process and technology need to be researched – not just technology. By only providing the technology solution, the problem is rarely solved. Deep understanding of the systems, people and architectural changes is required to provide a real solution.This presentation will show what drives our solution development, as well as present our current development roadmap.

Presenter: Mike Griffiths, Leading Answers

Agile methods are human centered, light-weight, approaches for delivering today’s challenging knowledge worker projects. Based on lean manufacturing, agile methods use prioritisation, empowered teams and short build/feedback cycles to deliver projects with changing requirements and high levels of complexity.

Facilitator: Bill Withers, acQuire Technology Solutions

Given that geoscientific information flows are often complex, how can we take a systems thinking approach to achieve optimal and sustainable outcomes?

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