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Reference Sets

Download collections of reference materials designed to demonstrate best-practice implementation of the GIM Suite. Your acQuire login credentials are required to access these downloads, Please have this on hand to start downloading. Don't have a login? Request one here.

Reference Data Sets
acQuire 4 databases pre-populated with sample data specific to a domain, such as Minerals Resource Definition.
Banksia Minerals Data Set
46,282 kb
22 May 2020

The Banksia Minerals Reference Data Sets is an acQuire 4 database containing data related to minerals exploration.

Reference Objects
Standard acQuire 4 objects designed to facilitate common tasks such as data entry, data interrogation, report generation, and more. As well as using objects on a reference data set, you can use reference objects on any other acQuire 4 database.
acQuire 4 Reference Objects
2,830 kb
22 May 2020

Standard acQuire 4 reference objects (these replace the historic Generic Objects).

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