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Software Releases

The GIM Suite downloads contain all the necessary acQuire software installers and optional extensions. Simply choose from the installation listing to install the latest versions for your desktop and server machines.

View all Software Releases
acQuire GIM Suite Desktop
500,600 kb
21 Mar 2018

The GIM Suite Desktop installation includes all the desktop software components required to capture, manage and deliver your data.

This installation includes:

  • acQuire
  • acQuire Neo 2.10.3
  • acQuire Licence Administrator 2.10.3


View the detailed Release Notes for acQuire 4, acQuire Neo and acQuire Licence Administrator.

GIM Suite 3 requires Sentinel RMS 9.1 licensing. Sentinel RMS 9.1.1 is included in GIM Suite Server install.

acQuire GIM Suite Server
569,793 kb
21 Mar 2018

The GIM Suite Server installation provides the software to share your data through the web, manage licences and configure security. This installation includes the following components:

  • acQuire Neo Web 2.10.3
  • acQuire Information Manager 2.10.3
  • acQuire Licence Administrator 2.10.3
  • Sentinel RMS Licence Server 9.1.1
  • acQuire Configuration Database 2.10.3


View the detailed Release Notes for acQuire Neo Web and acQuire Licence Administrator.

View the system requirements for the GIM Suite
21 Mar 2018
View the release overview for the latest version of the GIM Suite
19 Jan 2018

Additional Tools

Download software drivers and 3rd party systems for greater connectivity with the GIM Suite.

View all Additional Tools
acQuire 4 Connections Finder
15,523 kb
21 Mar 2018

The Connections Finder is a utility for the system administrator. It determines the number of ADM Connections being consumed by your company and produces a list of current users of those Connections.

The Connections Finder will generate a report of all the users within one or more Windows Groups that have been identified as containing acQuire 4 users. We recommend that a top level “acQuire 4 Users” group is created and that sub groups, for Sites and Departments, are created, as required. Users can be a member of more than one group. The Connections Finder will list the total licences currently in use and the members of each group.

acQuire 4 Database Packager
3,660 kb
10 Dec 2015

The acQuire 4 Database Packager is a utility designed to script out and package up an acQuire 4 database stub, including any additional database objects external to the acQuire Data Model (ADM). The scripts contained within the database package include:

  • All database structure objects (tables, views, procedures, etc.)
  • All database security information (e.g. users, roles, schemas, etc.)
  • All meta, reference and validation data (excluding acQuire Neo related meta data).

Note: No data is exported to this package. Any additional data required must be exported with acQuire 4 Briefcase.

acQuire 4 FME Reader
24,634 kb
21 Mar 2018

A plug-in for Safe FME Workbench, which enables reading of acQuire 4 data that can then be transformed into hundreds of CAD, GIS and database formats that are supported by FME.

Sentinel USB drivers
1,880 kb
23 Mar 2015

Sentinel Protection Installer is an integrated installer of the Sentinel System Driver. Sentinel System Driver is required for communicating with the Sentinel keys (dongles) on Windows platforms.

Reference Sets

Download collections of reference materials designed to demonstrate best-practice implementation of the GIM Suite.

View all Reference Sets
acQuire 4 Reference Objects
2,791 kb
03 Dec 2015

Standard acQuire 4 reference objects (these replace the historic Generic Objects).

Banksia Minerals Data Set
94,248 kb
03 Dec 2015

The Banksia Minerals Reference Data Sets is an acQuire 4 database containing data related to minerals exploration.

Technology Partner Tools

Technology Partner and developer tools are only accessible to those who hold a written agreement with acQuire. Please enter your login details for access.

View all Technology Partner Tools
acQuire Direct
101,828 kb
21 Mar 2018

Runtime files for the acQuire Read API.

acQuire Direct 64-Bit
109,765 kb
21 Mar 2018

64-bit version of the runtime files for the acQuire Read API.

acQuire Direct .NET
107,857 kb
21 Mar 2018

Runtime files for the .NET acQuire Read API.

acQuire Direct Read API
714 kb
21 Mar 2018

The developer kit contains header files, libraries and API documentation and installation notes.

Nova Network Downloads

Nova Network downloads are only accessible to those who are a Nova Network Partner. Please enter your login details for access.

View all Nova Network Downloads
acQuire GIM Suite Desktop
12 Oct 2017

The GIM Suite Desktop installation includes all the desktop software components required to capture, manage and deliver your data.

This installation includes:

acQuire Neo 2.9.3
acQuire Licence Administrator 2.9.3

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