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25 Nov 2022 -

Using AI Technology to Streamline the Core Logging Process

“At KORE, we empower geologists and mining professionals to extract more value from their data and use it to support decision-making across the mining industry. We have recently introduced interoperability with 3rd party applications, including GIM Suite.

SPECTOR Geo, our visual core logging platform, uses AI to generate quick logs that can be modified and approved by geologists, which improves productivity and consistency. After the logs have been finalized, they will be automatically pushed to GIM Suite for long-term storage and management. From GIM Suite, users will be able to click on an interval of interest and automatically launch SPECTOR Geo, which will display the associated core photo. Discover how you can benefit from the new interoperability between the two software solutions.”

Presentation by Vince Gerrie, CEO and President, KORE GEOSYSTEMS

acQuire Connect Tech Summit 2022

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