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28 Nov 2023 -

The challenges of merging databases: What I learned as a new Rio Tinto acQuire GIM Suite Admin

What happens when you merge two Parent/Child GIM Suite databases? What do you do with conflicts in the data? How do you assess to quality of your final merged database? How do you validate data if you are brand new on site?

Resolution Copper merged the modeling GIM Suite database with the parent production GIM Suite database. Ian faced a number of challenges from reconciling matching data to validating the final product. He had to deal with what is valid and how to assess that when it was his first task on the job. In the process he learned a lot about Resolution Copper’s data and how processes can be approved for the future.

Presentation by Ian Vaughan, Senior Advisor – Geoscientific Systems – Resource, Evaluation, Resolution Copper – Rio Tinto

acQuire Connect Tech Summit 2023

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