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31 Aug 2021 - Company & Industry News

The GIM Channel 25: How businesses can get AI ready in mining

In our latest episode, Stephen Alpers from acQuire is joined by Brigette Hendersonhall, Founder and Principal Consultant of Maxtrix Data and discusses how businesses can get AI ready.

We discuss:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  • Why companies should be concerned about being AI ready?
  • The steps to become AI ready.
  • And the role geoscientific information management plays in helping mining companies get ready for the future.

“The data and the geoscience information management database is the foundation to pretty much everything that we do and if there’s one thing that I would do as a resource business, it would be to get my data and information management in good shape.

“Now we often hear the phrase of garbage in garbage out, but I think putting our money where our mouth is and actually getting our data in good shape is the first step in becoming AI-ready”. — Brigette Hendersonhall, Matrix Data

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