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26 Apr 2019 - Event News

The GIM Channel 22: PDAC 2019 series with Robin Fell and Sian Marsden from Goldcorp

Warren Carvey from acQuire is joined by guest speakers from Goldcorp – Robin Fell, Director of Strategic Technology Solutions and Sian Marsden, Specialist Mining Applications.

Recorded from the Trade Show floor at PDAC 2019, one of the world’s premier mineral exploration conventions, they discuss new technologies seen at PDAC this year, the mining industry shift towards a digital mine and what it may look like in the future.

Show Notes

We discuss…

  • New technology and innovations appearing at PDAC 2019,
  • the important role of data in digital effectiveness,
  • barriers faced by mining companies to become smarter miners, and
  • what the industry might look like in the future.

Data is absolutely key, to everything we do. Every company these days is a data company. It should be data first, we should be making more decisions based on data. Of course the final say should often be a human being. That makes absolute sense to me but we shouldn’t be using our guts to make these decisions, we should have data in front of us.

The very fact that I have data at my fingertips to do this, we’re all seeing this enormous proliferation of raw data. Part of the challenge is how to harness this, turn it into information and then leverage it.” – Robin Fell, Goldcorp

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