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01 Apr 2020 - Event News

The GIM Channel: Data – How is it leading the change in people, process and technology across the mining industry?

Technological innovation is being driven by one of our most important underlying assets – data. We are seeing an explosion of data collection and use in the mining industry from a multitude of sources. But are we using it to the best of our ability? How is it helping increase productivity and minimise costs across the mining value-chain?  How is it changing skills in our industry?

acQuire’s CEO, Alison Atkins, is joined by guest speakers Maggie Currie of Centerra Gold, Jason Kozar of Hudbay Minerals and Joel Hrominchuk of Vale Resources, as they weigh in on the latest developments recorded live from the trade show floor at PDAC 2020.

Show Notes

We discuss…

  • How data can help increase productivity and minimise costs
  • How mining innovation is sparked by technology and the part data plays
  • How companies build, recruit or borrow the right skills and capabilities as mining continues into digitisation
  • The risks companies need to mitigate as digital becomes the norm

I think the business case for data and innovation is more than just a business case of productivity and cost savings. I think depending on where you are in the mining space, and how you use your data, the business case really needs to be based on these things. And depending on where you are in the space, that could be improvement in your people processes, it could be improvements in safety.” – Joel Hrominchuk

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