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26 Apr 2022 - Company & Industry News

The GIM Channel 26: How robotic process automation is helping exploration information management

In the latest episode of The GIM Channel, acQuire’s Business Development Manager, Stephen Alpers, is joined by Jennifer MacLachlan, Manager, Exploration Information Management to discuss how robotic process automation is creating greater efficiencies in handling exploration data.

We discuss:

  • How Cameco has adopted robotic process automation and how it’s being applied in the mining industry
  • How robotic process automation is different to other technological concepts like artificial intelligence
  • The benefits and challenges experienced when implementing robotic process automation
  • What efficiencies are created by new technologies when working with exploration data

“Right now, RPA is being used a lot on the administrative side of the mining industry, so things like the procure to pay cycle, production reporting and reconciliation, and then the next step is getting it into the actual mining environment.

One of the things I read about that’s really interesting is using it like predictive maintenance on mining machines. The bot is getting the feedback from the machine all the time and it can spot irregularities that might lead to bigger issues in the future and hopefully resolve them before they become major – Jennifer MacLachlan, Cameco

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