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27 Mar 2023 - Company & Industry News

The GIM Channel 30: Making smarter decisions with smarter data

In this special edition of The GIM Channel, recorded live from acQuire’s booth on the trade show floor at PDAC 2023, acQuire’s Operations Manager, Warren Carvey, is joined by guest panellists Chris Hunter, Centerra Gold, Jennifer MacLachlan, Cameco Corporation and John McGaughey, Mira Geoscience.

There has been an explosion of data being generated in mining as companies navigate deeper mines and are exploring increasingly complex ore bodies. Managing large volumes of data to access, analyse and then confidently make smarter decisions from that data is becoming increasingly challenging. Our guest panellists were invited to discuss these challenges and how technology plays a critical role in miners making smarter decisions with smarter data.

We discuss:

    • The biggest data management challenges faced with larger volumes of data in mining.
    • What making smarter decisions with smarter data means looks like.
    • Current industry trends towards technologies like AI and machine learning.
    • And more.

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