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10 Feb 2023 - Company & Industry News by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 29: Unearthing the potential of blockchain in mining

In the latest episode of The GIM Channel, Tanya Matveeva, Director of KAMNI Chain Ltd, joins Greg Ashcroft, acQuire’s Technology Adviser, to discuss the evolving world of blockchain technology and its application in mining.

“Blockchain technology is actually a distributed or shared database…

…it’s a next level data management system compared to centralised database. At acQuire, of course, your users appreciate how important good data management is and what the good database can do. When I learned about blockchain technology, I realised that this is a next level database where the ownership of the data doesn’t sit with just one entity, but the ownership and the control of the data transactions is under many participants. Tanya Matveeva, KAMNI Chain Ltd.

We discuss:

    • What is blockchain technology?
    • The application and benefits of blockchain technology in the mining industry.
    • How blockchain integrates with other digital technologies.
    • Challenges companies are faced with when looking to implement blockchain.
    • And more.

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