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10 Nov 2022 - Company & Industry News by The acQuire Newsroom

The GIM Channel 28: Avoiding an environmental data manager’s fool’s gold

In the latest episode of The GIM Channel, Stu van de Water, acQuire’s Environmental Leader, joins acQuire’s Business Development Manager, Stephen Alpers, to avoiding an environmental data manager’s fool’s gold.

“A fool’s gold can be distilled down to what we call a glorified spreadsheet. This is simply thinking that as long as you are storing the data somewhere and have it available so you can run reports when you need to, or collate data when you need to, is enough.

What we find is this inherently causes issues” – Stuart van de Water, acQuire

We discuss:

  • Avoiding an environmental data managers fool’s gold.
  • Challenges companies are faced with when managing their environmental data.
  • Key Ingredients to good environmental data management.
  • The difference between a HSEC and EDMS system, and more.

“There’s an interesting phrase called greenwashing, which means “we’re reporting what we think people want to hear without much substance behind it”. That’s not acceptable, never really has been, but especially these days with the scrutiny on ESG. So, to do that, companies need something behind it, which is defensible. That is, we can link this right back to you, we can show you our workings, where it’s come from, and the importance of all the activities in and around that.— Stuart van de Water, acQuire

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