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26 Jun 2019 - Company & Industry News

The GIM Channel 23: The importance of data in a data-driven mining industry

The GIM Channel 23: The importance of data in a data-driven mining industry featuring Peter Lauder

As the mining industry shifts towards real-time mining and the digital mine, data becomes more important. Peter Lauder, Geology Superintendent at IAMGOLD discusses the importance of data in an industry becoming increasingly data-driven on the latest GIM Channel podcast.

Show Notes

We discuss…

  • Common obstacles for miners becoming smarter in their operations,
  • Adoption of technologies across the industry like AI and machine learning
  • How important it is for a data-driven industry to effectively use the data its collecting

Digital effectiveness is a very important part of the mining industry in that there is information coming from various sources, from underground, from equipment, and we need to be able to bring that information together and use it properly so we can effectively use the information to coordinate our production.” – Peter Lauder.

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