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Extend GIM Suite

Expand your existing acQuire GIM Suite framework within your business through data migration and workspace modification. Building on pre-requisite units, this unit consolidates your prior knowledge and enables you to further implement the acQuire GIM Suite to meet additional requirements.

Who should attend?

  • Site administrators who would like to be able to implement the GIM solution to further support and extend site workflow processes
  • Nova Network Partners
  • Anyone seeking GIM Suite Professional (3000) accreditation.

Time allocation

5 days class time. Additionally, approximately 40 hours of assignment work, to be completed within 3 weeks of attending class.

Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate how to prepare and plan for a successful acQuire GIM Suite extension. 

  • Analyse the specification document to assess changes needed to an existing workflow.


2. Demonstrate the tasks related to the essential components of data migration to an acQuire GIM Suite database.  

  • Explain the significance of the different phases of a data migration process (data investigation, field mapping and data transfer), including the documentation of each.
  • Demonstrate how to use a spreadsheet and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio in the data investigation, field mapping and data transfer phases of a data migration process.
  • Describe the different data loading techniques available and recognise when to use them.
  • Identify the source and impact of errors introduced at each phase of a data migration process.
  • Demonstrate how to identify and resolve data conflicts prior to and during a data migration process.

3. Demonstrate how to successfully implement an acQuire GIM Suite extension. 

  • Demonstrate how the acQuire GIM Suite supports the specification document by creating/modifying acQuire 4 objects and creating new Arena tasks.

You can participate in this unit at one of these upcoming courses:
There are currently no upcoming courses that offer this unit. Please email learning@acquire.com.au to register your interest in this unit, so that we can contact you when it is available.
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