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Administrator Advanced

Administer your GIM Suite to an advanced level, including workspace audit, synchronisation and automation.

Who should attend?

  • Site administrators and Nova Network Partners who would like to consolidate their GIM Suite knowledge to administer an implemented site.
  • Anyone seeking GIM Suite Professional (3000) accreditation.
Learning Outcomes
1. Create and use derived fields to an advanced level. 

  • Explain the purpose of derived fields.
  • Create and use derived fields based on collar, geology, assay and read-only compound definitions.
  • Create complex derived fields employing SQL sub-selects and CASE statements.
  • Demonstrate how derived fields may be used to create other derived fields (nesting derived fields).



2. Demonstrate the ability to manage post-import events. 

  • Explain the purpose of post-import events.
  • Discuss what constitutes a successful or failed import and the actions which take place following success or failure.
  • Demonstrate how to configure post-import events.



3. Demonstrate the ability to define the coordinate management system in acQuire 4. 

  • Explain the storage of grids and coordinates within the acQuire Data Model (ADM).
  • Demonstrate how to define geographic, projected and local coordinate systems and explain the significance of a parent/child relationship.
  • Demonstrate how to define coordinate set virtual fields.



4. Demonstrate the ability to configure and deploy workspace synchronisation. 

  • Discuss the purpose of workspace synchronisation.
  • Demonstrate how to configure a workspace, including workspace shortcuts.
  • Demonstrate how to set up connection and deployment properties.
  • Create a workspace configuration file (*.awcfg) for site users.


5. Use the workspace analyser tool. 

  • Explain the purpose of the workspace analyser tool.
  • Demonstrate how to use the workspace analyser tool.


6. Demonstrate the ability to set up and use automation and data caching. 

  • Explain the purpose of automation.
  • Discuss data caching and the task automation.
  • Demonstrate how to set up automation, including emails.
  • Demonstrate how to use the data caching wizard.
  • Demonstrate how to use the task automation wizard.


You can participate in this unit at one of these upcoming courses:
There are currently no upcoming courses that offer this unit. Please email learning@acquire.com.au to register your interest in this unit, so that we can contact you when it is available.
3 days
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