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In this presentation, we take you through GIM Suite’s web and mobile geological field data collection capabilities for explorers and miners, including an introduction to new tools available soon in an upcoming software release.

Presenter: Steve Mundell, Director of Product

Every resources company have their own way of using data to explore and manage resources – and that’s where things get complex.

GIM Suite provides a standardised software solution to ensure your geological data is the single source of truth for your organisation. It’s the technology part of acQuire’s GIM Solution and seamlessly integrates across desktop, web and mobile, enabling a smarter, streamlined way to capture, manage and deliver your geoscientific observations and measurements.

Presenter: Darren Valin, Business Development Manager

Are you compliant right now?  Can you easily and quickly determine your compliance status against the hundreds or thousands of environmental obligations you are legally obliged to monitor and report?  Can you trust the data feeding into these assessments?  It’s often complex and time consuming to answer these questions and if you’re responsible for this, it may even keep you up at night. But it doesn’t have to.

This presentation gives you a practical example how our EnviroSys environmental software platform helps you keep on top of your obligations and requirements and just might help you get a better night’s sleep!

Presenter: Stuart van de Water, Operations Manager – EnviroSys

Having a good understanding and management of your environmental obligations and data is critical these days to help protect your licence to operate and the environment in which you do so.  EnviroSys is a software platform that gives you a 360-degree view of your environmental obligations, stakeholders, performance, and activities both in the field and in the office.  This presentation gives you a good understanding of the issues at play, the considerations you need to be aware of, and how the platform brings it all together into a cohesive and trusted single source of truth for your environmental data.

  • What are the problems?
  • Why is it worth solving?
  • How do we solve it – solution
  • What solves it – the product

Presenter: Stuart van de Water, Operations Manager – EnviroSys

Data governance is a central element within the greater practice of data management and considered an important strategic initiative for natural resources organisations. With the push of digital transformation initiatives across the globe, the focus on data governance is not likely to change anytime soon.


  • Paul Murtagh – Director – Business Systems at Queensland’s Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
  • Steven Rowe – CEO and Founder of SRA Information Technology
  • Steve Mundell – Director of Product at acQuire


DIGital Discovery webinar series

The DIGital Discovery Series is designed to deliver thought-provoking insights on the impact of digital and data optimisation in the mining industry. You’ll learn what the mining landscape may look like in the future, hear about industry case studies, and have solid take-aways to use in your own business.

acQuire’s Commercial Account Manager, Kabelo Baloyi, and Imago’s Founder, Federico Arboleda, discuss the importance of interoperability, connectivity and technology partnerships in bringing the future of mining closer and showcase the latest technology partnership between acQuire and Imago.

Ian Dickie, Senior Geologist – Data Systems at KinrossGold, showcases how collaborative efforts between Kinross Round Mountain and acQuire lead to the development of a new mobile data capture application to improve blasthole data capture.

acQuire’s Director of Product, Steve Mundell, discusses the role of integrated geoscience data in the future of mining and why it’s an essential component for miners.


GIM Jam Mastermind

Secure AccessThis hands-on seminar is designed for acQuire GIM Suite users to exchange geoscientific information management (GIM) related ideas to get the most out of your GIM software. View the latest presentations from our seminar series.
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Working in open-pit grade control? Discover how pit technicians and samplers can use mobile data capture to work faster and smarter in the pit using acQuire’s fully integrated mobile app. Our latest software release, GIM Suite 4.2, introduces an enhanced acQuire Arena mobile app, allowing pit technicians to visualise blastholes through an interactive map and capture samples on their mobile device. After capturing validated blasthole samples, synchronise your data from the pit to your GIM Suite database with the tap of a finger.

Gain an in-depth understanding of all the key highlights, improvements and new features in our latest software release – GIM Suite 4.1. It features improvements to components acQuire 4 and acQuire Arena, including the introduction of a new modern and seamless mobile app for field data capture.

This webinar follows on from our first webinar, “What’s new in GIM Suite 4.1?” introducing you to logging and sampling solutions for drill holes and blast holes, scheduled for release in upcoming versions of GIM Suite. These new capabilities build on mobile field data capture, released in GIM Suite 4.1, to bring a modern and more efficient way to collect data in the pit, at the rig or in the coreshed.

We present insight into the drivers behind our product direction, as well as the themes for upcoming releases of the acQuire GIM Suite.

We give an overview of the GIM Suite 4 release highlights.

Discover tips and tricks from installation, to set up and testing environments in a live demonstration and presentation. Technical readiness, and how to migrate from Neo to Arena will also be discussed.

*Please note this presentation does not include the demonstration component of the presentation. Please contact your acQuire account manager or support for any further assistance on technical readiness.

Be introduced to mobile surface sampling capabilities due in future release of the GIM Suite. This new capability allows for offline mobile data capture in remote disconnected field environments and seamless data synchronisation to your server post data capture.

*Please note this presentation does not include the demonstration component of the presentation. Please contact your acQuire account manager for any further assistance.

Presentamos información sobre los controladores detrás de la dirección de nuestros productos, así como los temas para los próximos lanzamientos de acQuire GIM Suite.

Ofrecemos una visión general de los aspectos fundamentales del lanzamiento de GIM Suite 4.

Descubra trucos y sugerencias de instalación para configurar y probar entornos en una demostración en vivo. También se discutirá la preparación técnica y cómo migrar de Neo a Arena.

*Tenga en cuenta que esta presentación no incluye el componente de demostración de la presentación. Póngase en contacto con su administrador de cuentas de acQuire o con el servicio de soporte para obtener más ayuda sobre la preparación técnica.

Conozca las capacidades de muestreo de superficie móvil gracias a la futura versión de GIM Suite. Esta nueva capacidad permite la captura de datos móviles fuera de línea en entornos de campo remoto y una sincronización de datos perfecta con su servidor.

*Tenga en cuenta que esta presentación no incluye el componente de demostración de la presentación. Póngase en contacto con su administrador de cuentas de acQuire para obtener más información.

This webinar introduces our customers to mobile surface sampling capabilities due in future releases of the GIM Suite. This new capability allows for offline mobile data capture in remote disconnected field environments and seamless data synchronisation to your server post data capture.

This webinar gave acQuire customers and Nova Network Partners the opportunity to discover more about our latest software release, GIM Suite 4. This release introduces an all-new interface called Arena, consolidating capabilities spread across Neo Desktop and Neo Web into a single, streamlined tool. It allows database administrators to build interactive dashboards and reports for a better end-user experience.

Topics presented included:

  • How does GIM Suite 4 align with our product vision?
  • What’s new in GIM Suite 4?
  • Arena Workflow – from task design to publishing workspaces – A live demonstration of creating interactive web reports and printed logs in Arena.

Presenter: Greg Butt, Anglo American

A look at some of the technical aspects of making GIM Suite into a quasi multi-lingual database. The presentation will talk about the nitty gritty of SQL code behind the objects and look at possible RFA for the future GIM Suite data model.

Presenter: Niki Spurway, Rio Tinto Aluminium

By using a link in acQuire Neo to extract specific data directly from ALS Webtrieve, we were able to efficiently monitor the sample preparation QAQC. This allowed us to be proactive in the sample preparation area before any errors became pervasive. This was especially important to our project as the entire sample is consumed in the sample preparation phase. All that remains is a 200g pulp – there are no second chances.

Presenter: Neil Fordyce, Minffordd Pty Ltd

This presentation talks about challenges and problem to solution methods I have learnt and observed from over 25 years of working with mineral exploration data.

Presenter: Sam Scher, Corescan

El enlace especializado se ha optimizado para la transmisión de imágenes, permitiendo que grandes cantidades de imágenes de núcleo se muestren de forma interactiva junto con datos numéricos de perforación. Los productos e imágenes de sondajes almacenados en Coreshed ahora pueden ser accedidos directamente en acQuire a través de un enlace de base de datos especializado.

Presenter: Miguel Silva Valenzuela

A comienzos del año 2012 se implementó GIM Suite en Antofagasta Minerals como un prototipo para la administración de datos geocientíficos, lo cual al cabo de un año tuvo buenos resultados dando la posibilidad de estandarizar nuestros procesos y tecnologías, y por sobre todo centralizando la información.
• Durante el año 2015 se implementó en Minera Los Pelambres para pozos de tronadura y sondajes.
• Durante el año 2016 se realizó la implementación en Minera Centinela para Pozos de Tronadura y Sondajes
• Finalmente se espera iniciar con la implementación de Minera Antucoya durante el año 2018 y normalizacón de estándares corporativos en Minera Zaldívar.

Presenter: Tuomas Makila, acQuire Technology Solution

This is an overview on the Automation capability allowing users to schedule imports/exports and coordinate transformation jobs within GIM Suite 3.

Presenter: Tuomas Makila, acQuire Technology Solutions

Other highlights of the GIM Suite 3 include: licence timeout functionality, desurvey function, Auto commit and Automatic workspace synchronisation which will be briefly discussed in this presentation.

Presenter: Sarah Wang, Manager, Exploration Information Management, Cameco Corporation

Cameco Exploration collects a large amount of data on a daily basis which is stored in GIM Suite and other data pillars. This presentation talks about how data from GIM Suite is combined with other data sets to enable process/performance monitoring and effective decision making.

Presenter: Maeve Murphy, CraicNData

Much excitement leads up to an acQuire implementation and the much anticipated GIM Suite. After the acQuire GDAs finish up and leave, things can run smoothly or there can be challenges. Staff changes and rotations, training, licenses, roles, tasks and processes are all part of the success (or not) of the post-implementation period. This talk will discuss some of these issues and how problems experienced were resolved for a Gold mine in Ontario with the use of a Nova Network Partner.

Presenter: Brian Tuplin, Geoscience Data Manager

This presentation touches on some of the challenges involved when change is required and the “people” side of our GIM process and technology initiatives.

We will briefly review industry surveys on IT project success and root causes of failures. We then review suggestions to better engage stakeholders (customers, end users, support staff) with the goal of improving project and program roll-out and stakeholder buy-in.

Presenter: Julie Dinsdale, Reflex & Chris Spooner, acQuire Technology Solutions

acQuire has formed a partnership with Imdex Limited to integrate our technologies, GIM Suite and ReflexHub-IQ, to be able to seamlessly connect and retrieve data through web service interoperability. This integration will simplify the management of Reflex instrument data and improve data governance by eliminating the manual handling of data files and providing richer meta-data that can provide chain of custody from field data acquisition to final storage in the GIM Suite.

Presenter: Joanne Scott, Eagle Mine LLC

Data management in an exploration setting is constantly evolving. As time progresses, the need to streamline workflows, add new look-ups, and even create new databases becomes necessary. Effective communication is a vital component in the success of a project, and is something that all database managers should look to embrace.

Presenter: Crystal Burnett, Pinto Valley Mine

The mining industry, as a whole, lags behind other industries in regards to communication and technology. The mining industry need only to look at how other industries to find effective structures and software to improve communications.

Presenter: David Baker, acQuire Technology Solutions

acQuire collaborates strategically with other hardware and software mining vendors to provide as much connectivity as possible with the GIM Suite. This presentation talks about how acQuire and ALS have successfully achieved this between their respective products, the acQuire GIM Suite and ALS Webtrieve.


Presenter: Jenni Pfeiffer, Kinross Gold

To supplement our third party Resource/Reserve audit process, where geological data management processes are frequently relegated to a few comments, Kinross recently engaged acQuire to complete GIM Assessments of our material sites (in Russia, Mauritania, and Brazil) and corporate office. Although still ongoing, the GIM Assessment tool has already offered insight into our GIM strategy and processes, and how our Geology departments function. The candid remarks from personnel gained through this process, across all levels and functions, will help drive positive change and greater understanding of the unique challenges faced in each jurisdiction, as well as influencing GIM strategy.

Presenter: Maeve Murphy, Craic ‘N Data

Outline of work done to assist in the bedding down of GIM Suite on site subsequent to the acQuire implementation. Client was in a remote location with limited database knowledge and experience.

Presenter: Alexander Fritz, Coeur Mining Inc.

acQuire Neo Web has provided our company a way to quickly and securely get business intelligence data from our acQuire GIM Suite into the hands of users, particularly those that are not regular users of the GIM Suite. This presentation will briefly outline some of the innovations we have pioneered with acQuire Neo Web usage and reporting, highlighting why acQuire Neo Web has been of particular benefit to us over other reporting methods.

Presenter: Nick Parker, Geosoft

According to Geosoft’s 2015 Exploration Information Management Survey, 85% of respondents rank data management as a critical or a top five issue. Exploration data quality is improving, however organisations continue to grapple with historical and duplicate information, collaboration in real time and the cost and complexity of data management solutions. Garnering almost 2,000 responses from 1328 organisations globally, the survey identifies ongoing challenges with respect to handling exploration data and how organisations are working to solve these issues.

Presenter: Sarah Rice, ALS Minerals

ALS Webtrieve™ and CoreViewer™ are online lab results delivery and information visualization platforms. All types of exploration data associated with sample ID or drill hole depth can be graphed against core photography and hyperspectral imaging for fast comparison to geological interpretation and modelling. Webtrieve and CoreViewer have been built with interoperability in mind, working with technology partners in the geological software space like acQuire to facilitate the flow of primary data through modelling and information management programs. Points of linkage between ALS services and the GIM Suite, including core photography, will be demonstrated in this presentation.

Presenter: Wikus Van Deventer, Sasol Mining

A short summary of the borehole signoff process currently being implemented at Sasol Mining. The presentation will include how the borehole progress is tracked within the acQuire GIM Suite. The progress includes going from Planned – Log Checked – Log Imported – Sample Despatch Created – Qualities from laboratory – Qualities Checked – Surveyed and/or Complete.

Presenter: Andre Oosthuizen, acQuire Technology Solutions

In this session, our acQuire representatives explain how to build value through your Geoscientific Information Management Strategy. The focus of the GIM Strategy is to ensure that any GIM solution should support the business in achieving its objectives as outlined in the business strategy.

Presenter: Fred Mintah, acQuire Technology Solutions

With data collection becoming more and more robust, easier and fast accessibility of the data becomes significant in decision making as data grows and organisations attempt to consolidate all their data into one centralised database.

This session introduced and explored the new acQuire 4 Data Caching functionality which is expected to significantly eliminate the need for data managers to create cached tables, stored procedures, and SQL jobs in the view of providing fast accessibility to data consumers.


Presenter: Miguel Silva Valenzuela, Antofagasta Minerals S.A.

In early 2012, acQuire 4 was implemented in Antofagasta Minerals as a prototype for Geoscientific Information Management, which after a year showed excellent results giving the possibility to standardise our processes and technologies, and most of all, centralise our data.

  • During 2015 it was implemented at Minera Los Pelambres for blastholes and drillholes.
  • At the end of 2015 and during 2016 it was implemented at Minera Centinela for blastholes and drillholes.
  • Finally we are expected to conclude with the implementation of Minera Antucoya during 2017 and standardisation of the Minera Zaldivar site.

Please note this presentation is in Spanish.

Presenter: Claudio Fuentealba, Geovalidata

Every day organisations are faced with increasing barriers to deploy standard technology and workflows for remote mineral exploration. At Geovalidata, our overall data management strategy is to build in key compliance solutions using proven technology and specialised management services.

We will show how our Data Management Services, powered by the GIM Suite technology in an online environment can:

  • Address datasets such as, drilling, field observations and laboratory analysis
  • Provide cost flexibility to support current and future business needs
  • Work in connection with other data management strategies such as backup, archive, e-discovery and reporting
  • Be reliable and is easy to deploy

Please note this presentation is in Spanish.

Presenter: Jose Fredes, Minera Escondida Ltda

Introducing the technological improvements from the implementation of acQuire GIM Suite software elements that facilitate process, give reliability in data quality and simplify work.

Please note this presentation is in Spanish.

Presenter: Kath Hodgson, ALS Minerals

ALS Minerals clients have access to the cloud-based ALS Global Enterprise Management System (GEMS), including WebtrieveTM and CoreViewerTM. Webtrieve™ provides the ability to track analytical progress and QA/QC information in real time, while CoreViewer™ pairs quantitative analytical data with real-depth visualisation of a continuous core strip, and can be integrated with partner database applications and other software packages. ALS and acQuire have developed a core imaging module through which GIM Suite users can access relevant photography directly inside acQuire Neo, through a dashboard which can be customised to meet client needs.

Presenter: Brigette Hendersonhall, Alcoa Mining

Alcoa Mining – Western Australian Operations has an annual drill program of ~70,000 drill holes generating ~700,000 samples. Drilling, Sampling and Results are stored in acQuire 4 while the drill program management from drill planning through implementation, results being received from the lab and initial domaining has been tracked using a number of spreadsheets.  This workflow is being migrated to the acQuire GIM Suite utilising the Prospects compound and the Jobs compound from the activities and contracts module. The JobCode identifies the annual drill program and the prospect identifies the smaller planning units within the annual drill program.

Presenter: Nick Parker, Geosoft

According to Geosoft’s 2015 Exploration Information Management Survey, 85% of respondents rank data management as a critical or a top five issue. Exploration data quality is improving, however organisations continue to grapple with historical and duplicate information, collaboration in real time and the cost and complexity of data management solutions. Garnering almost 2,000 responses from 1328 organisations globally, the survey identifies ongoing challenges with respect to handling exploration data and how organisations are working to solve these issues.

Presenter: Sebastien Merlet, acQuire Technology Solutions

In this session, our acQuire representatives share insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of your GIM Suite technology.

Presenter: Caroline Ludemann, Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto’s Iron Ore group are using the acQuire 4 Monitoring Module to centralise storage of vibrating wire piezometer (VWP) construction information from our Pilbara operations. This presentation gives an overview of the project, and outlines some of the benefits that have been achieved.

Presenter: Lee Scholl, Barrick Gold

Lee Scholl, Senior Database Administrator at Barrick Gold explores a method to prevent changes to data components without locking the hole in QLOH_OBJECTSTATUS. Soft Locks were developed so information related to a specific component, such as collar coordinates, could not be changed by users once the data is signed off, while still retaining the ability to update another component such as geology logs.

Presenter: Graham Lowe, Anglo American

Summary: What to do with data once you have it…

Presenter: Wikus van Deventer, Sasol Mining

Wikus van Deventer from Sasol Mining presented the evolution of the Directional Drilling workflow from its inception in 2011 until present day. Wikus currently holds the role of Divisional Geologist – Data, and has been with Sasol Mining since 2008. His key focus at Sasol Mining includes administrating the acQuire GIM Solution, geological modelling packages and being a part of the roll out of GIS within the business.

Presenter: Sebastien Merlet, acQuire Technology Solutions

In this session, our acQuire representatives share insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of your GIM Suite technology.

Presenter: Jeremy Lykke, Evolution Mining

The trials and tribulations of the surprising long journey from Excel-based plod capture and review to a managed and robust acQuire GIM Suite – hosted drill plod capture, validation and reporting system.


GIM Jam Conference 2014

Secure AccessThe theme for 2014 was the Next Generation of GIM, with a focus on the future trends in GIM practices and technology. The two day conference was held in Perth, Western Australia from 1 October to 2 October 2014. It featured two conference streams – GIM Mastermind and GIM Business.
Your acQuire login credentials are required to access these downloads, Please have this on hand to start downloading. Don't have a login? Request one here.

Presenter: Paul Lucey, Gold Fields Australia

Presenter: Paul Hodkiewicz, BHP Billiton

Our understanding of mineral resources relies on three basic steps:

  • data capture
  • data interpretation
  • model construction

Until recently, all three of these steps required significant time and manual effort to produce a single resource model for mine planning, typically taking more than a year to progress from drilling to the final block model. Over the past several years, BHP Billiton has been developing innovative workflows and methods to significantly reduce these time constraints and make the process more productive by replacing manual activities with automated ones. This paper summarises recent innovations and technology developments, including some from other industries, that are transforming the way the mining industry is managing these three steps, to build better, data-rich models, more quickly and reliably. Importantly, these new methods enable automation, standardised procedures and simplification, to support faster and more informed decision making.

Presenter: James Greig, acQuire Technology Solutions

From October 2014, all acQuire GIM technology will be included within packages called the acQuire GIM Suite. The GIM Suite contains all the products you already know, acQuire 4 and acQuire Neo, as well as other tools to manage your GIM software. This talk showcases the highlights of our first GIM Suite release.

Presenter: Sarina Viljoen, RealiRM Solutions and The Open Group

An introduction to architecture and how it shapes the EMMM reference framework initiative. The EMMM framework delivers a reference business model for Exploration and Mining. The paper discusses how the approach should impact the way we think about Business Systems

Presenter: John Terrill, Glencore Coal Australia

John Terrill draws parallels between the ups and downs (booms and busts) of a geology career and possible strategies to improve the resilience of future GIM practice.

Presenter: Richard Addo, Ok Tedi Mining Limited

Resource/reserve estimates, production plans, etc., are only as dependable as the database upon which they are built. A good quality database simply means the data has been generated with proper procedures, been accurately transcribed from the original source and is suitable for its intended purpose. These are facts known and well understood by most top management teams in the resource industry.

The willingness to spend millions of dollars each month to drill holes and collect geoscience data is excellent. On the other hand, there are almost always little or no funds for data management functions (usually in an attempt to save money) and/or inadequate planning towards the implementation of robust database management systems.

Issues have mostly been the lack of will power to spend, make decisions and carry out the execution of comprehensive steps to guarantee decent quality database systems are in place.

This presentation shares some firsthand experience with data management systems from six different mining/exploration setups around the world with emphasis on best practice.

Presenter: Tom Ross, Atlas Copco

This GIM Mastermind session is delivered by Atlas Copco.


  • How can OREalyzer XRF technology improve the decisions made in short and medium planning in a mine site?
  • What is available today and what are future mine GIM requirements?

Where does acQuire fit into the picture with the use of the OREalyzer?

Presenter: Zane Prickett, RIIT

Is there room for a resource industry focused technology accelerator located in Perth? The Australian resources sector industry recognises that one way to improve productivity is through the use of new technology. However, the industry has traditionally been slow to adopt and integrate new technology products. An accelerator is a program for taking promising individuals and ideas and quickly producing successful companies.

RIIT proposes the formation of a resource industry focused tech accelerator in Perth to help drive innovation the same way current tech accelerators like, Techstars, Y combinator and others have done in outside industries.

The technology startups coming out of the accelerator will create jobs, Australian export income, and investment returns. They will also assist the local resources sector to operate more efficiently and become more internationally competitive.

Join the presentation to find out more about technology accelerators and how they can support technology adoption and productivity improvements in the resource industry.

Presenter: Nicki Ivory, Deloitte

In a climate of volatile commodity prices and shifting demand fundamentals, mining companies are entering a period of structural change. To rectify cost overruns, improve capital efficiency and rebuild investor relationships, companies need to sharpen their focus on productivity, sustainable cost management and enhanced shareholder value. This paper will present Deloitte’s findings of the Top 10 issues that mining companies will face in the coming year.

Presenter: Chris Spooner, acQuire Technology Solutions

acQuire annually reinvests 25-30% of its revenue back into R&D projects to maintain and improve current products and to and research and build innovative products for the future.

In this talk we highlight the latest web technology innovations we have been investigating and show how these can be adopted to provide a simple, intuitive and quality GIM Solution.

Presenter: David Triggs, Minara Resources

GIS has always focused around the ability to visually represent spatial data. However the ability to bring in non-spatial data and tie it to locations opens up many new opportunities to bring a whole of business approach to visualising data. This talk describes the non GIS data at the Murrin Murrin Mine and how we integrated it into GIS.

Presenter: Russell McBride, Evolution Mining Limited

Evolution Mining was formed in late 2011 resulting in 5 disparate mine sites merging into one company’s portfolio. Following the initial settling in period it was seen as essential that Evolution take more advantage of their mid-tier size and structure. Russell’s presentation will describe some of the initiatives undertaken in the data management field and the issues encountered during the investigation and requirements gathering phase of the project.

Presenter: Zane Prickett, RIIT

RIIT gathered together 100 of Australia’s top software developers, designers, and data scientists in a room for a weekend to develop noval technical solutions on resource related data and problems. We gave them two years of gold mining production data, RioTinto video and grade block data, and the entire WA Department of Mines and Petroleum mining data archive.

Presenter: Steve Mundell, acQuire Technology Solutions

acQuire’s Head of Research presents acQuire’s vision for the next generation of GIM.

Presenter: Vito Forte, Fortescue Metals Group

Do you understand the impact that culture has on your organisation? Without the right culture, all the best strategies in the world will not yield their expected benefits.

Let’s take a journey in understanding the importance of culture in the delivery and execution of strategy, and in the performance of an organisation.

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