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Introducing GIM Suite 4.3

Streamline your geoscientific data management across desktop, web and mobile with acQuire’s latest software release – GIM Suite 4.3.

Blasthole samplers operate in a time-pressured environment requiring trustworthy data to be captured as quickly as possible. GIM Suite 4.3 delivers a smarter, streamlined geoscientific data management experience that:

  • Enhances your data collection by introducing mobile geology logging for sampled and unsampled blastholes.
  • Improves geoscientific data quality by validating sample and geology data at point of capture.
  • Boosts your geology team’s productivity by capturing data across multiple holes at once.

GIM Suite 4.3 also introduce a new technology partnership with Imago, a cloud-based image management tool. The partnership adds to acQuire’s advanced third-party technology partner program for greater data connectivity.

Easy blasthole logging and sampling

Rapidly capture blasthole samples and log geology on your mobile device. You can visualise your blast pattern on an interactive map while working in the pit. We’ve introduced a simple lasso tool allowing you to select a group of blastholes and rapidly log similar geology over multiple holes in one go, rather than having to log data for individual blastholes one by one.

If additional blastholes or re-drills are discovered while sampling in the pit, your team can save time by adding the hole to the blast pattern on a mobile device, right there and then, and continue collecting data.

The mobile app’s user-friendly interface, with tailored blasthole data capture features, means you can capture data to suit your needs for a specific mine.

New, dynamic image integration with Imago

View high-quality images within GIM Suite’s web interface thanks to a direct integration with Imago, an image capture and management tool. Validate and improve data quality in real time by viewing your geoscientific data and images all in one place. You can also see any available images alongside any drillhole interval captured in GIM Suite.


More software enhancements

Our software release doesn’t end here. GIM Suite 4.3 includes:

  • 47 updates and enhancements
  • 126 feature additions
  • 264 fixes and improvements

across GIM Suite’s acQuire 4 and acQuire Arena components as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering an industry-leading software product.


Download the acQuire Arena App

Download the acQuire Arena 4.3 app for free from both the Apple and Google Play app stores.
Apple Store Download Google Play Store
Once you have upgraded to GIM Suite 4.3, make sure you update your mobile devices to the corresponding app version and start taking advantage of the latest features today. Your teams can start using the app with the appropriate GIM Suite licences.

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