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GIM Suite 4.1 introduces the new acQuire Arena mobile app for field data capture. Whether you are collecting surface samples for mineral exploration, pegging holes for clearing, or preparing a site for drilling, GIM Suite 4.1 streamlines your field data capture processes with a modern and seamless mobile solution.

Field workers and geologists can capture samples and field observations on simple, user-friendly forms and instantly validate their data at the point of capture. Available for both Apple and Android smartphones, it makes GIM Suite’s existing data capture capabilities smarter and more streamlined.

It’s one more step along your journey to the digital mine of the future.

Built for GIM Suite

The acQuire Arena mobile app is fully integrated with your enterprise GIM Suite software. The direct integration eliminates the reliance and time spent managing third-party systems that capture data to your central geoscientific information management (GIM) system. Synchronised and consistent business rules and validations are applied across the solution, making a rapid and efficient experience to capture quality data.


Cross-platform flexibility

Available for both Android and iOS operating systems, the Arena app is designed to work optimally on a smartphone. This allows you to save time and reduce overheads previously associated with using expensive, ruggedised tablets in the field. Your app is easily refreshed and you no longer need to recall tablets for manual updates or rely on IT resources.

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Streamlined synchronisation

Synchronisation is a two-way street. With the Arena mobile app, you can synchronise your data from the field to your central database with the tap of a finger. Additionally, data capture forms created or updated by database managers can be synchronised on mobile devices in the field. Simple, rapid synchronisation means your entire crew is working from a single source of truth and can make smarter decisions faster.


Works in any situation

Geologists and field workers often collect samples and field observations in areas of little to no online connectivity. This usually means the data you’re collecting isn’t validated until you’re back online and connected. By applying validation rules at the point of capture, no matter what environment you’re working in, you can be assured you’re capturing and managing your data correctly from the get-go.

Intuitive and easy

Our mobile interface means your teams in the field can easily start using the Arena app with little or no training. Simple, user-friendly forms make it a breeze to start capturing data.

Smart ways to use your smartphone

The Arena mobile app reduces your need to carry multiple pieces of hardware into the field. The app takes advantage of built-in smartphone technologies for barcode scanning and location tracking, so you can use one device to do the job of three. This helps reduce project overheads, including maintenance and on-going operational costs.
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