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Automate your repetitive tasks

Automation has been integrated into GIM Suite 3 to reduce time spent on repetitive and manual tasks. The GIM user community helped shape the direction of the latest software update to eliminate the need for manual coding for selected tasks in the technology. Your team’s time management is improved with greater visibility and control over your automated jobs.

  • You can create one or more jobs to be scheduled independently of each other and run as frequently as needed.
  • Repetitive tasks like coordinate transformations and daily imports and exports can be automated in GIM Suite 3.
  • Email notifications can automatically be sent to nominated email addresses upon completion.
  • Different conditions trigger notifications making it easy to keep track of the progress of a job and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Data imports made easier

GIM Suite 3 simplifies the batch importing for both individual and large numbers of files with an auto commit feature.

  • You can automatically save imported records if the import was successful.
  • The entire transaction will be automatically rolled back if it’s not a success.
  • Post-import events allow you to automatically run script objects and Windows batch scripts after a data import.

Improved licence management

Administrators have a licence timeout setting for floating licences to ensure inactive licences are returned to the licence pool.

Better quality control analytics

More charts, additional statistics, and the ability to add control lines to charts provides an easier way to identify quality issues and improves quality control of analytical results.

Other Features

  • A new shortcut manager allows you to configure entire shortcut categories within seconds and easily rename or move shortcuts.
  • Automatic workspace synchronisation ensures you always have the latest workspace updates.
  • New derived field wizard functions are available so you can view de-surveyed coordinates against your sample and geology data.
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