Welcome to GIM Suite 2.1

This release provides important updates to your GIM Suite software, so you can manage your geoscientific data efficiently and with ease of use. GIM Suite 2.1 introduces role based security and improved connectivity with third party applications.
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Associate dashboards with user roles

Updated security allows database administrators to associate views and dashboards with user roles. Provide easy access to the geoscientific information that is relevant to a user’s role. Interface improvements make the configuration of roles and permissions efficient and easy-to-use.

New integration with Coreshed

The connection between the GIM Suite and Corescan’s Coreshed image library displays your core and hyperspectral images alongside your geology, geophysics, assay and structural data in log views. This provides a complete information overview, giving you a new way of analysing data. Discover geological features and anomalies that may be missed or invisible in conventional geological logging.


Data caching now supports the Project Permissions module

The data caching system released in GIM Suite 2 is updated so it provides the same performance benefits to the Project Permissions module in 2.1. You can now define schedules to publish data to a flattened cache table and access data directly from the cache when using Project Permissions.

Direct import of WellCAD logs

WellCAD* log files now import directly without requiring any additional transformations to intermediate file formats, achieving a faster, more efficient workflow.
*Note: This functionality requires a WellCAD Automation licence.

Import LAS 3.0 logs

Geoscientific data in the LAS 3.0 standard can be imported into GIM Suite 2.1, improving connectivity with specialist systems.

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