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We continually improve EnviroSys through software upgrades and enhancements as part of our software roadmap and from feedback provided by our customers. Over the past 12 months, we’ve developed:

  • A new mobile app so you can take EnviroSys wherever you go
  • Introduced Advanced Analytics for next level data analysis
  • A Compliance Management module
  • Action Management to manage responses to compliance and sampling events
  • Advanced Sampling Management

EnviroSys enables you to manage all elements of the environment from drivers, through to activities and evidence, to analysis and actions.

Our latest minor software release, EnviroSys 8.5, is available now. It delivers a number of enhancements and improvements to your environmental data management software. To find out more, download the 8.5 release summary.

EnviroSys goes mobile

Enter, analyse and share your environmental data anytime and anywhere with the EnviroSys Mobile App. The mobile app is a native application which delivers the key functionality of EnviroSys right onto your smart device.

No network? Then no problem! The EnviroSys Mobile App works without network connection so you can still capture offline data in remote locations.

You can:

  • Enter field samples, including photos and location coordinates
  • Access your real time devices and network at any time and from anywhere
  • Browse and analyse data while on the move
  • Expedite and create actions on the spot

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Introducing the AOC module (Approvals, Obligations & Compliance)

The AOC module enables you to enter or import your compliance documents and requirements in order to manage and track compliance across your organisation.

It includes an automated and manual compliance assessment, and a wizard to maintain compliance documents including making changes such as renewals, amendments, and corrections with a minimum of effort.

Advanced Sample Management

We’ve taken the next step with our Sample Management module so you can now manage, track and report on the entire sampling process.

This includes planning sampling runs (with optional variable location planning), tracking sampling activities, maintaining container requirements, assessing if the correct analysis has been performed on time, and enhanced CoC production and reporting.

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