A reimagined environmental data management user experience

We’ve launched an important progression in our environmental data management solution – EnviroSys 9.

Our latest software release unveils an elegant and consistent look for EnviroSys. Our focus is to continually improve the user experience, and this new release is optimised for quality and compliance-focused environmental data management.

User management is simplified and more secure thanks to the addition of acQuire’s cloud-based licensing platform.

All of these changes make your environmental data management solution easier to learn, use and manage.

Reimagined user experience and enhanced data management capabilities

The EnviroSys experience has been reimagined, and EnviroSys 9 boasts an intuitive interface and a fresh, new style. It streamlines data loading and enhances the visibility of data loaded from multiple feeds to ensure quicker access for downstream processes.

The updated and unified interface provides clear access to the data management functions environmental teams need and use on a daily basis. With a more consistent experience across EnviroSys, it’s easier to learn and use due to standardised styling and better navigation throughout.

All your data feeds in one location

View and monitor multiple data feeds in one location, regardless of their source. EnviroSys’ improved and simplified interface allows you to easily see loaded data details and the status, history, and any notes and attachments in one place. This means administrators can keep a close eye on incoming data and immediately address any issues.

Improvements include:

  • Instant access to your loaded data via the feed in your data input console.
  • Faster and streamlined data loading with new bulk processing capabilities.
  • Simplified data load mapping for faster resolution to any data loading issues.

Secure and simplified cloud-based user management

EnviroSys 9 fundamentally changes the way users are managed, with the addition of a named user model and integration with a cloud-based user and licence management platform.

acQuire’s licence platform, my.acQuire, is introduced for EnviroSys 9 and all future releases. It allows customers to manage their own licenced seats and users, and adopts industry standard, best-practice user management. All acQuire products employ this technology for customers all over the world.

Assign roles for greater data security across your system

Users can be assigned to one of three roles, controlling access to functions in the global menu. This makes it easier for administrators to securely allocate software access and permissions to their team based on their user licence type and which functions are needed.

Access new online resources

EnviroSys 9 features a revamped and expanded support ecosystem. The Help menu within EnviroSys provides direct access to improved online help, the acQuire Knowledge Base and resources like the End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

All our online resources help you quickly resolve common technical issues and gain advanced knowledge about EnviroSys-related topics, and they provide important product information.

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