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15 Mar 2017 - Technology - GIM Suite, Company & Industry News

View your core imagery and drilling data all in one place

New GIM Suite connectivity features – ALS Limited and Corescan spotlight

High resolution core images can be viewed directly within acQuire’s GIM Suite software.

See all your information, including core images and drillhole data, from one place allowing your team to analyse data quicker and make better decisions for your operations.

Third party software products produced by acQuire’s technology partners, integrate with the GIM Suite, so users can view core imagery interactively alongside their numerical drillhole data. Our customers who hold existing accounts with ALS Geochemistry’s Coreviewer or Corescan’s CoreShed can now take advantage of these powerful integrations.

Visualise your data

You can merge your geoscientific data seamlessly with the web based image libraries. Drill core photography and mineralogical imagery is displayed within the GIM Suite allowing geoscientists to use the high resolution images and map them to drillholes.

The integration with ALS Coreview™ allows customers to see all of this within the GIM Suite dashboard.

ALS Geochemistry presented connectivity features with acQuire’s GIM Suite at the PDAC 2016 conference in Toronto, Canada. Watch the video of the full presentation here.

GIM Suite users can display core and hyperspectral images alongside geology, geophysics, assay and structural data in log views which may help users discover geological features or anomalies that are missed or invisible in conventional geological logging.

The integration between GIM Suite and Coreshed gives you a complete information overview and a better way of analysing your data.

Corescan and acQuire developed their technology partnership with new connectivity first featuring in the GIM Suite 2.1 release. It has been enhanced in later GIM Suite releases and still remains a significant feature within GIM Suite 3.

Companies have often struggled with core imagery which usually includes poor image quality, the laborious task of naming files and is difficult to access alongside other drillhole data.

Houssem Bensalah, Commercial Account Manager for acQuire in Australia, has started to see customers benefiting from better core imagery management in their sites.

We have seen some sites who have seen improvements in managing their core images with integrated systems.

“This means they are capturing more consistent and high quality images, with the benefit of easily presenting these images alongside their drillhole data.”

A long term partnership strategy

The technology partnerships with Corescan and ALS Limited supplement acQuire’s long term strategy to partner with complementary technologies, providing an ideal environment for customers to capitalise on their software investments. Technology partners include Geosoft, Esri, Maptek, ARANZ Geo, Reflex Now and more. Full details about our technology partners can be found here.

To take advantage of the powerful integrations with core visualisation tools such as these, start planning your upgrade to our newest version of software. Our next release, GIM Suite 3, is due later this month.

Need help with you next upgrade? Contact us and we’ll be in touch.

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