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21 Oct 2019 - Technology - GIM Suite

Top tips to make your GIM Suite upgrade, easier.

Software releases are an opportunity to take advantage of new functionality and features, making your user experience more streamlined and efficient. However, depending on your infrastructure or business architecture, upgrading your enterprise software across larger sites might be complex.

We give our top tips to help you plan your upgrade to GIM Suite 4.1, so you can take advantage of a raft of technical improvements and new features for smarter, streamlined geoscientific data.

1. Plan early

It’s critical to give your teams, including your IT team, sufficient time to schedule in new upgrades. The more time you give them, the sooner you can get access to the next software version. With each upgrade we always recommend creating a backup and archiving your geological database and workspaces.

2. Start testing

We highly recommend testing your software upgrade in a development or test environment prior to distributing the release across your site. Make sure you have allowed enough time for testing to ensure any integrations with other systems continue to perform. Your testing period also offers an opportune time to chat to acQuire’s technical support team for any issues that may arise.

3. Be data capture ready

GIM Suite 4.1 introduces a new mobile app for field data capture. Geologists can capture data from the field directly to mobile devices and integrate it directly with GIM Suite. The Arena mobile app is downloadable for free from the Google Play and Apple app stores. You can download it now to your field smartphones, ensuring your teams are ready to start capturing data once the upgrade is complete and your database manager has synchronised data capture forms to your field devices.

4. Access handy online resources and guides

Our handy technical resources are at your fingertips. Our acQuire knowledge base contains product information, technical articles and guides to help answer your common technical questions. You can head straight to our GIM Suite upgrade guide for high level recommendations on how to upgrade your software. And if this isn’t enough, you can access the online help via your software or reach out to our technical support team.

GIM Suite 4.1 includes our new Arena mobile app for field data capture. Keep your eye on our GIM Suite page or sign up to our news updates to be one of the first to receive the latest software release information.

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