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07 Aug 2018 - Technology - GIM Suite, Company & Industry News

Third-party technology connectivity goes deeper

acQuire’s mature third-party technology partner program gives mining and exploration companies greater access to their data across different software products and the mining value-chain. Easier data transfer and data quality is maximised through a commitment to connectivity.

acQuire provides it’s acQuireDirect API to technology partners so they can create an interface to GIM Suite from within their own software products.

Recent updates to some of our technology partners’ software products means enhanced connectivity with:


An upcoming software update to Datamine’s Studio RM software and Discover includes improvements to its API with GIM Suite.

acQuire customers using Studio RM, will be able to import data directly from GIM Suite without the need to use file transfers. This equates to a faster and more efficient data transfer process than previous API versions.

Datamine’s Studio RM is the latest update of Datamine’s tool for resource and reserve evaluation, replacing Studio 3. Its activity-based user interface and trusted multi-parametric modelling capabilities help deliver corporate resource and reserve information.

The update in Datamine Discover, which provides a suite of GIS tools for compiling, visualising, analysing and mapping 2D and 3D spatial geoscience data, also allows for more efficient transfer of data.


Seequent has recently introduced Smart Refresh functionality to Leapfrog Geo’s latest release, Leapfrog Geo 4.2.

Smart Refresh greatly improves the speed of updating datasets in Leapfrog Geo by obtaining the latest drilling data from the GIM Suite database without the need to reload entire contents. This ensures users of Leapfrog Geo 4.2 and GIM Suite database can quickly rely on the most up to date data, further reducing risk in decision making.

This is now available for customers using both Leapfrog Geo and GIM Suite software.

Leapfrog 3D is a workflow-based 3D geological modelling tool which lets you build models directly from various sources including drillholes, points and surfaces.

Faster access to your data

acQuire’s customers using these partner technologies also get access to new functionality available in the most recent version of our acQuireDirect API. This includes:

  • Create user or export profiles to simplify the end-user experience. Profiles which define selection criteria for data extractions can be saved centrally by database administrators and accessed from within the interface by end users. This reduces time and errors associated with selecting the right data to work with.
  • Access to cache tables leading to faster extraction of large datasets. In some cases this can be up to 300% faster.

The new updates continue to strengthen and extend the benefits of acQuire’s mature technology partner program. The GIM Suite provides integration options to technology partners such as IMDEX, Corescan, Esri, ALS Global, Seequent and Maptek allowing customer workflows to become more streamlined because of this collaborative approach.

acQuire’s long-term connectivity strategy with other technology vendors provides an ideal environment for effective decision-making and allows mining and exploration companies to capitalise on previous software investments.

For more information about acQuire’s technology partnerships head to our Technology Partners page.

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