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25 Nov 2016 - Event News by The acQuire Newsroom

Technology, connectivity and GIM challenges feature at latest GIM Jam Mastermind

In-person events with networking and knowledge sharing opportunities are key for GIM professionals

acQuire’s technical event series, GIM Jam Mastermind, came to Brisbane on Tuesday, 22 November. The half-day seminar gave attendees an opportunity to network in a relaxed environment and share industry insights, case studies and look at acQuire’s upcoming GIM Suite 3 release.

The seminar featured guest speakers from Alcoa Mining, Newcrest Mining, Anglo American Coal, and acQuire’s product team.


Topics covered included:

  • Drill program workflow in GIM Suite (Brigette Hendersonhall, Alcoa Mining)
  • Integrating Core Photography (Steve Graham, Newcrest Mining)
  • Drilling and Cost Reconciliation (Val Garret, Anglo American)
  • A sneak peek at the next major GIM Suite release, GIM Suite 3.

In addition to technical presentations and case study examples from the presenters, attendees were given the opportunity to share insights on challenges they are facing in the GIM industry. The workshop featured enthusiastic discussion around five common challenges which were identified at PDAC earlier this year.

The group identified the following challenges:

  • Data management staff are facing barriers to maintaining skills and knowledge sharing in the current market, especially in lieu of budget cuts.
  • An ongoing challenge is educating management on the value of geoscientific information and how it should be viewed as a business asset.
  • Redundancies and staff turnover increases the risk of losing a company’s GIM champion. Without a champion in place, an operation could go back to square one, where staff and management don’t understand the value of the systems, technology and people in place to manage drilling information effectively.

All case study examples delivered by guest speakers exhibited similar benefits from implementing a GIM Solution. When the right balance of people, process and technology was employed, the operations benefited from data integrity, consistency, validation, transparency of costs and data, and greater team efficiencies.

GIM Jam Mastermind seminars are designed for technical professionals working in the geoscientific information management. The events are designed for GIM Suite users to network and exchange ideas for managing their data in a relaxed and fun environment.

GIM Jam Mastermind also helps those wishing to re-new their acQuire Learning accreditation. You can qualify for re-accreditation by attending one of our events.

More seminars are happening soon in Santiago, Chile (15 December 2016) and Vancouver, Canada (26 January 2016).

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